Top Celebrity Fashion Trends 2016!

When it comes to celebrities we are always focused on who’s wearing what and where, as we look to emulate their looks for our wardrobes. Celebrities are huge influential figures when it comes to the fashion world, with recent figures showing that the most searched celebrity in 2016 is Kim Kardashian. Not only are we looking to steal their styles, with a number of websites giving you the opportunity to find and buy outfits identical to your favourite star to copy, but celebrities are even launching their own fashion lines, giving a new avenue for fans to purchase clothes designed by their fave celebs.


Wholesale fashion retailer Parisian look at the hottest celebrity fashion trends 2016, and how you can steal their style!


Kendall Jenner

The Kardashian/Jenner clan are infamous for creating fresh trends and keeping their fashion games on point whatever the occasion, and Kendall Jenner is no exception. This year she has become the queen of casual as she keeps her look cool and relaxed each day.  Kendall has brought loungewear to the forefront of her daily outfits, even managing to bring jeggings back into fashion!


Taylor Swift

Swifty transformed her usual style into a more gothic look this year, drawing a line under her 1989 tour and her ‘good girl faith and a tight little skirt’ style by stepping out in all black everything. Her Met Gala 2016 outfit was the turning point in her style transformation as she turned up wearing a metallic dress from Louis Vuitton, this follows her recent Vogue cover in which Anna Wintour overhauled her look dying and cutting her honey blonde locks into a bleach blonde bob.



Beyonce launched her own range of luxe sportswear this year in a huge collab with Topshop, which saw her open up her skillset into fashion design. We love it, and so does everyone else, with reports stating Topshop’s website went into meltdown and crashed shortly after the launch.  In a video launching the brand, she explained the name of the brand ‘Ivy Park’, was inspired by her daughter and the park that Bey herself learned to run in. Athleisure is this year’s hottest look, and Ivy Park is just one in a number of celeb lines that are influencing and dominating high street trends.

Top Celebrity Fashion Trends 2016!

Emma Watson

Watson’s chic looks have helped transform her from Hermione to fashion icon for the generation. The British actresses style staples are ethically sourced and she is forever stepping out for faultless red carpet appearances in standout dresses from fashion forward designers. At the Met Gala 2016, Calvin Klein designed a dress made from recycled plastic bottles to highlight the advancements in eco fashion. Her day-to-day outfits are no different too, she is frequently papped looking fresh in tailored casual outfits!


Bella Hadid

We love Bella’s style on and off the runway, her confidence exhumes with funky combinations we could only dream of making up. Her looks consist of statement trainers, retro sunglasses and athleisure wear. Her looks have secured her spot as a supermodel style icon, and one celeb we’re constantly seeking out for style inspo!