How To Make Your Own Perfume Out Of Flowers?

Perfumes are an integral part of personal care products that we use in our everyday life. Everybody wants to smell pleasant and hence make sure to wear their favorite fragrance before stepping out of the house. However, it is important to note that the perfumes or mists we buy from the stores do not have the content of chemicals and preservative because they can be harmful for the skin.

They can even do damage to our bodies. Therefore, we need to be very careful when purchasing them. So, if you cannot stop wearing perfume and also do not want it to do any harm to your body, then you can make your own perfume. This perfume will contain all the natural elements and will be free of toxic substances that are dangerous to health. The process is very easy and you just need to use the flowers from the garden. So, here are a few steps to make your own perfume using flowers.

  • Collect the ingredients- Before you actually start making your own perfume, you have to decide on which fragrance you want and accordingly you have to decide on the flowers you need in the process. This is very important, although not a very tough task. Just make the list of flowers which are sweet-smelling and easily available. Roses, lavenders, jasmines, daisies and lilies are the flowers which have strong aroma and can be found easily in the garden. You can select any one of your choice or you have the option of mixing them all together in order to get a unique fragrance. You can also add some other things like leaves or fruits which have sweet aroma. Flowers along with these things can make a great combination.

Once you decide on which flowers to be used, gather them in required quantity. Other things you will need in this process are water, saucepan, cheesecloth and a container to store the perfume you are going to make. You can make use of any type of container for storage; however, an elegant empty perfume bottle will give rich look to your homemade perfume. So, it will be a great idea to use that one.

  • Follow the procedure to make the perfume- Once you have collected all the ingredients, start with the process of making perfume.
  • Remove the petals of the flowers and wash them thoroughly with water in order to clean dirt, fertilizers, pesticides or some other chemicals present on them.
  • The next step is to convert the water into distill water. For this purpose, boil the water and collect the steam coming out of it. Once you cool down this steam, you will get the distilled water.
  • Pour the distill water into the saucepan and add the clean petals into it. Bring it to a simmer just below boiling. One thing you have to consider is you should not cook the petals as it will spoil the natural scent of them.
  • Let the water and petals in the saucepan simmer for almost 2 hours. Just make sure from time to time that the pan is not boiling and has sufficient water in it.
  • After this, let the mixture in the pan get cooled down.
  • Once it is cooled off, strain it by making use of cheesecloth into one of the beautiful glass perfume bottles you have. Your homemade floral perfume made with 100% organic substances is now ready for the use.
  • Important safety note- Sometimes it may happen that, although you are not allergic to the certain flowers you have used to make perfume, the perfume can cause allergic reactions or irritation to your skin. So, in this case, it is better to avoid its direct use on the skin. You can use this perfume in the air ventilators of your vehicles, on clothes or also use it as a room freshener.

The above-mentioned method to make the floral perfume on your own is being used since long. This method is very easy, quick and inexpensive. Additionally, it will give you the pleasure of making the fragrance of your choice and wearing it without any worries of harmful effects.