Motivational Quotes: Make Your Dreams Work!

Unlike the days when people’s biggest concern was how much milk a cow will produce or how many eggs the chicken will lay, today we live very stressful lives. Regardless if it’s work or love related, financial or just feeling down, every single one of us had a stressful moment in their lives.

Friends and family are always there if we need them, right? True, but that’s not always the case. Often, they have their own problems and stresses to worry about, so we are practically left to deal with it ourselves. In those situations, most of us tend to scour the internet for motivational quotes.

Even though this might seem silly, reading a sentence that can help you get through the day, there are a few ways in which they can help.

No harm in reading a good quote

People often think that motivational quotes are for a certain group of people. Wrong, quotes are for everyone, from managers to unemployed people, from elderly to high school students. Everyone can benefit from a good quote even in a time when we think that we don’t need to.

Heal the subconscious

As mysterious as it is, the subconscious is where motivational quotes can help the most. “Wasting” a fraction of a minute is worth it if the quote you read has a great impact on you. Studies have shown that the subconscious is what helps people get well. Having negative thoughts can have a negative effect on the healing process.

Say “goodbye” to delays

Putting off things for later today or tomorrow is our worst nightmare. Procrastination often occurs due to low motivation to get work done. In times like those, a good motivational quote can pick you up and get you back on track.

Kick depression!

People under the weather know very well what it means to be depressed. Having no will to do anything is their worst enemy. The most often outcome is a lost job or spouse, having no money and living with no will to live. As we mentioned previously, motivational quotes can have a very positive impact on our thoughts. If you go through the internet you will find thousands of compilations of quotes that can kick depression in the …

A smile a day keeps the problems away

Slightly different quote to the one we are used to, but it is true nonetheless. Quotes don’t have to be something serious, a lot of times they can be said by our favorite comedian. Reading these funny quotes often boosts our positivity and we keep a smile on throughout the day, regardless of how down we felt in the morning.

Free quotes for everyone

Having unlimited access to motivational quotes is the next best thing since sliced bread. The internet is literally flooded with quotes from people from all kinds of branches – scientists, actors, players etc. having the quotes available to you is the one thing that makes them so great. In the era of the smartphones, the quotes become even more accessible to us. Apagraph and alike services get quotes for you that you can read them on the go.

The rise of the quotes

In earlier times before the internet was not so wide-spread, the quotes weren’t all that popular. Another reason was that those were times where lives were more peaceful, so people rarely had any need for them. Today, motivational quotes play a huge role in our lives. The dynamic and stressful times that we live in are only a few of the reasons why motivational quotes have gained so much popularity in recent years.


We live in difficult and stressful times caused by many things – work, love, finance etc. Often these things can cause other problems which in some cases can be health related. This is where the motivational quotes can help a lot. No matter how bad you think your day is, a good quote can put you back on your feet.