How to See Fake Yeezy Sneakers

With something as high in demand as Yeezys, there are always going to be fakes and forgeries. Whether you are looking at getting your first pair or simply trying to find some as a gift for a friend, avoiding these fakes can be important if you want a genuine pair of Yeezys.

But how do you actually spot the fakes, and what kind of quirks can give the game away? Sometimes, it is the small details that really make a difference.

Look At The Design

First and foremost, look at the sneakers themselves. Some fake Yeezys are literally just other shoes that have been modified with brand logos and a few other additional pieces, and that might be quite easy to spot, especially if they obviously are not Yeezy designs.

However, it is often a good idea to look closer at specific elements of the design. This could be incorrect colors, a poorly done knit pattern, or even irregularities in how the shoe’s sole is built. Comparing them to pictures of the real deal can make this more obvious than you might think.

Not all fakes are going to be obvious, and some might emulate the real thing well enough to slip past. This might be the point where material quality, stitching, and other more specific factors matter most.

Look At The Logo

One of the biggest giveaways for counterfeit Yeezy sneakers is that the logo looks wrong. It might be poorly spaced, or use the wrong proportions, or not even have the right font for the lettering.

Basically, any hint of the distinguishing logo and design being wrong is usually a good tell that the Yeezys are fake. This is not always true – sometimes genuine Yeezys have a few mistakes themselves – but this is very obvious with a supposedly brand-new pair.

Remember that some fakes are going to be made more competently than others. Do not take a quick glance over them and assume that they are fine – it might be worth looking at more specific elements, like whether or not the construction of the sneakers is seamless.

Look At The Packaging

Genuine Yeezys usually have QR codes inside the shoe box, which take you directly to either the Adidas website or a specific page for those Yeezys. While counterfeit pairs might try to emulate this if they re-created the box, the code will not usually work.

Again, this is not always true, and some fakes will use real boxes or create an alternate QR code using a generator. It also relies on the box even being available – but if it is, then this is a solid way to check.

The packaging can be a useful indicator in general. Poor sealing, weird design choices, or blatant attempts to recreate the packaging of real Yeezys can be an obvious giveaway. Of course, if you are not buying them with their box, you do not really have this option.

Breaking down a real vs. fake Yeezy checklist is not easy, but there are resources out there to make this easier. Understanding what to look for in the fake can really matter, but this will change depending on the exact shoe you are buying and the quality of the fake itself.