Top 5 BMWs That Are Women’s Favorite

Women are very specific regarding their car preferences. Manufacturers would say that they pay attention to details. And we can strongly agree with this. Other important factors for women are safety, comfort, and price-to-quality ratio. As a result of this, many women out there are huge BMW fans. This brand has so many different models of cars in their range, so everyone can pick something according to their taste.


Ladies like to own stylish cars with a sleek design. Every woman has once dreamed of owning a convertible. It is all about letting her hair twirl in the wind, while she senses the freedom. The Z4 is a dream come true for many women. It comes with a metal roof for those days when the weather will let you down. You won’t have to worry about getting car parts, as you can easily find them online.


BMW i8

This model is considered to have the best design ever. This crazy convertible will turn heads with the futuristic look.  But, it is not all about the looks. The sleek aerodynamic design and excellent performance are what drives women crazy about this machine. The new 2019 BMW i8 is a real supercar that guarantees exclusivity.


BMW i3

The i3 is a real attention grabber and a perfect car for the self-confident fashionable lady. The BMW parts work together perfectly for a ultimate performance. The vehicle is perfect for the modern lady that wants to make an impression. It is easy to handle and offers high comfort.More information about car parts for BMW you can find here.


Many think that women are on the look for small and compact cars. But, this is not always the truth. Not every woman can relate to this choice. The X1 has sporty vibes that no woman would be able to resist. It is a practical car that guarantees good performance. But, there is something more. The sleek design is what makes ladies go crazy for this machine.

BMW M235i

Men are not the only fast car lovers. Women are up to experiencing the adrenaline rush as well. The Ms35i is a sexy sports car that will offer you a fun experience. It is quiet and won’t attract looks with the engine noise. The advantage is that it is available as a convertible too.


After checking these options, you are sure that BMW offers good choices for the ladies as well. And now, it is up to you to pick your favorite!