What Are The Latest Trends For Wedding Invites?

Picking every single detail for your wedding is very important. You are working towards creating a specific feeling, so every detail should fit right in. Your wedding invites are one important thing that you should pay attention to.

Why are wedding invitations so significant? They will set the tone of your wedding. Also, they give your guests a quick glimpse of what comes. This will help shape their expectations and prepare for the big event. As soon as they have the invitation in their hands, they will envision the wedding day. The design will tell if the event will be elegant, traditional, edgy, or rustic. When your guests know the vibes, they will have an idea on how to dress properly too.

Once we know the importance of the wedding invites, it is time to choose the proper design. Which ones are popular and trending right now? We have summed up a complete list of the latest trends for you. All you need to do is get through them all and pick the one that speaks for you!

Acrylic wedding invitations

This hot trend has conquered the hearts of many brides-to-be. Why? Because it is simple, sleek, and elegant. The minimalistic design can fit in many different wedding styles. The transparent piece of acrylic is printed with your details. From elegant, traditional, and romantic, it will directly send your message to the guests. This is one unique invite that your guests will like to keep.

Vellum paper wedding invitations

Transparent invitations are a real thing. Vellum paper is semi-transparent and has a beautiful matte finish. It is the perfect choice for any style. You can play with the details and find the thing that works.

Laser-cut invitations

Seems like the development of technology has had a huge influence on how the modern invites look. They are made of plastic-covered paper, that has some specific shapes cut off with a laser. The patterns are usually floral, so this invite will fit a traditional, romantic, or elegant wedding styles.

Bold colors

Once the wedding invites looked all uniformed. They were all white and boring. Now, you have the chance to be creative and show off your personality. Your guests will be amazed to receive invites in bold colors. Fancy jewel tones such as emerald green or amethyst purple are a good pick. The combination of navy blue and gold will work too. This trend is highly popular among fall and winter weddings, or weddings with an edgy vibe.


The gentle and subtle look of the watercolors will bring special charm to the invite. Brides love this design for laid-back, semi-formal, and even beach weddings. To add a bit glam, you can always go with golden details.

Geometric patterns

A wedding invite is not all about the white color and roses. Modern wedding invites include geometric patterns and fancy colors. If you are a “bold” person or your wedding happens at an unusual venue, this style is highly recommended. It is perfect if your wedding is defined as edgy, modern, and contemporary.