How to Stay Cool & Calm Before One Big Event?

How to Stay Cool & Calm Before One Big Event?

Stress is typically occurring because of public speaking engagement, big events, or important conversations you have with certain people. These activities can send you in a state of panic, and it might be hard to get rid of it. You might already know this kind of pressure: even models can feel it! The biggest televised fashion models have trust issues, experience anxiety, and many states of panic. 

While this may be common and normal for celebrities, it can lead to health issues. So, it’s essential to learn how to master these stressful symptoms. How? Read further to find out how to avoid freaking out and stay calm before big events.

Practice Yoga

Events and parties are meant to be fun activities, but why do they always feel so stressing to people? People tend to get too focused on themselves and pose in a perfect mood. But it’s essential to get rid of these nerves and totally let everything go with the flow. If you’re not feeling great about yourself on the day of the event, then yoga might help you release the negative energy. You will definitely get a fresh, new perspective. You will look healthier, and more alive – Yoga is an inside-out job – it will connect you to your inner self and make you feel a lot more confident. If you’re preparing for a fashion show, for example, practice yoga and you’ll see how strong, healthier, and beautiful you will look!  

Pre-Event Chill

You might prepare yourself for an important meeting, and you feel intimidating by the thought that you have to speak your thoughts in front of so many people. No matter the circumstances, you feel nervous: your palms are sweating, and your stomach feels aching. Pull yourself together! Did you know something about the benefits of medical marijuana? Nowadays, marijuana is being evaluated on a legal level after being considered a powerful and harmful substance for such a long time. 

Still, there is research that claims the benefits of medical marijuana. It has potential medicinal effects on:

  • Pain
  • Insomnia
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Nausea

Talk to licensed medical marijuana doctors in Oklahoma by simply booking an appointment. They’ll evaluate your symptoms and prescribe you medical marijuana in Oklahoma. 

Water &Dark Chocolate

This might definitely be your favorite part: indulge in dark chocolate and some water before a big event – it will help you relax. Dark chocolate made of 70% cocoa contains ingredients that promote relaxation in the body. It will help reduce blood pressure, which contributes to the production of serotonin, a hormone that promotes a good mood. Studies have shown that dark chocolate has mood-elevating effects, so you shouldn’t feel guilty for indulging some. 

Repeat positive phrases 

Choose a positive phrase and repeat it until you actually believe it – “My event will be great” or “I will look amazing on the catwalk.” Then, take long and deep breaths to clear your mind from distracting thoughts. Don’t let stress get the better of you – make sure you enjoy your event and calm your mind before it begins.