How to Wear a Leather Aviator Jacket? 5 Fashion Tips for Men!

How to Wear a Leather Aviator Jacket? 5 Fashion Tips for Men!

There are times when you feel like opting for a rustic outfit rather than something which makes you look poised all the time. With that being said we know that you desire a look that is dark and edgy just like an outfit paired with a stylish leather jacket. 

Leather jackets are timeless and classic and surely a pivotal necessity of your wardrobe. Anything from basic leather jackets to magnetic leather biker jackets is attractive and easy-going at the same time. Much like a jack of all trades you can wear a leather jacket with any clothing piece and make that minimalist attire look outstanding.   

While we talk about leather jackets we know for a fact that they are an investment; it is because they are worth a fortune. So, it is very important that you buy a leather jacket which is more of your style. Speaking about the styles of leather jackets, we feel that a leather aviator jacket is one of those leather pieces that are loved by everyone.

A leather aviator jacket cannot just be worn for the sake of it. If you are wondering what we are talking about, then do not stop reading. In this blog, we are going to give you 6 fashion tips. Do not forget to implement when you are opting for a leather aviator jacket. 

A Basic Leather Jacket Look: In A Jiffy 

Even when casual calls for an everyday style, it has those fashion style-ups that are loved by all. Being casual keeps you in your comfort zone, however, it does not keep you away from looking like a sassy male. So, clear the misconception that you cannot look good when you are dressing casually. 

When it comes to wearing an aviator jacket casually we can style an outfit in a million ways. Take out denim jeans from your wardrobe, wear your turtleneck over it, tuck it in your jeans, and slide over your aviator jacket. You can accessorize a bit, wear your suede boots, and put on your sun shades. Ta-da, you are casual ready. 

The 5 Fashion Tips 

Let us walk you through the 5 fashion tips that you require when it comes to buying, wearing, and keeping a leather aviator jacket. Let us get started. 

Check How the Jacket Fits

For the first step. To rock leather jacket fashion, you should make sure that when you are trying on a leather aviator jacket do not go for the one that is oversized. It is because the bit of stiffness of the jacket is going to give you a boxy look. However, if it is very small, you are going to feel imprisoned in it and will look very disproportionate as well. So, without a second thought, we know that picking the jacket which fits you right is extremely important.

For the right fit, make sure you feel snug at your shoulders but it shouldn’t restrict you. Also, it is important that you know if you are going to layer underneath the aviator jacket or not, this decision will make it easy for you to pick the jacket size.  

Pick the Right Color

If you are confused about what colored leather aviator jacket you should buy, it is okay to let us help you. You should go for colors that are versatile and work out with almost all of your outfits. Black is a safe and appealing choice, it is because black goes with almost everything and anything. If you are not willing to buy a black leather aviator jacket, then a camel brown color would also go pretty well with all of your outfits. 

We would not recommend you to go for bold colors like red, green, or yellow if you want an aviator jacket for daily wear. It is because these colors are going to constrict what outfits you pick. Thus, you cannot wear such colored leather aviator jackets on an everyday basis. However, such bold-colored aviator jackets are an edgy choice if you are going to parties as they can easily uplift your whole look.

Know What to Pair It With 

Do some research about the current fashion trends that include an aviator jacket. We would suggest that if you get the chance to pair leather with corduroy do not let it go. Confused about what we are saying? Let us tell you that leather jackets go really well with corduroy pants, t-shirt, and leather boots. What a heavenly leather combo! 

Layer under The Leather Aviator Jacket

Layering under the aviator jacket is something not everyone can do. However, if you accidentally pull it off, your fashion sense can do wonders. You can wear a simple t-shirt and layer over a knitted sweater, a hoodie or even a denim jacket and then slide on an aviator jacket. These multiple fabrics and textures are going to add a character to your whole outfit. You surely are going to look all artsy 

Do Not Over Do Your Look 

Leather jackets do speak for themselves. So, when you are planning your outfit for the day that has the leather jacket involved, make sure you keep the look minimal. Go for pants and shirts that you like, they can be statement shirts or t-shirts, whatever you like. However, keep your hand light on your accessories, as you do not want to overshadow such an aesthetic leather jacket. 


A leather aviator jacket is no doubt very sassy and stylish outerwear. It is a timeless piece that is modern and thus nothing can go wrong with it. Know that you can wear a leather aviator jacket casually, business casually, or, it all depends on you, all you have to do is focus on the key tips. With all these tips, you can slay your leather aviator jacket wherever you wear it.