How to Wear Cowboy Boots without Looking Country

The Cowboy boot hype and craze is real. It’s the shoe craze that is taking the fashion and beauty industry by storm. With women’s cowboy boots—you have unlimited ways of making yourself stylish while feeling comfortable. Go to the Street Style. Just get to Instagram. Don’t forget about visiting big shoe shopping centers. What you’ll see are cowboy boots. They are literally taking over everything in the shoe market. Plus, the western-inspired cowboy boots are decidedly fashion-forward than their rugged counterparts. However, they must be complemented with the right outfits to stay modern. So, if you are ready to subscribe to the cowboy boots tune. Here are ways of wearing them without necessarily looking country.

These types of boots are more specific—which explains why you should be wary as far as what you complement them with is concerned. For instance, wearing an outfit that vividly contradicts with their aesthetics—you will look dark and dull.

Polished Pieces

Don’t mess up your style. Avoid wearing streetwear with cowboy-based boots. They don’t really go together. The best way to wear cowboy boots is to pair them with polished pieces. They make everything look really chic.

Simple Outfit Formulas

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to cowboy boots. So, don’t stress yourself with those hats as well as piled-on accessories. It will mess up everything. No hat style can really work with cowboy boots. So, unless you are pressed for a Hollywood event, say no to hats when wearing cowboy boots. Even more, wearing lots of accessories is only going to take the attention of the cowboy boots. The best thing is honing jeans plus a tee. You can also go for a turtleneck outfit—it won’t fail you.  

Classic, Pretty Pieces

Everybody likes unexpectedness when it comes to pretty pieces like ruffled skirts plus pink lace, right? Well, they can look more classic. However, embracing classic as well as pretty pieces can do magic when it comes to cowboy boots.

Embrace the Boots

Make a fashion statement by embracing your cowboy boots. With these boots—which are worn by both genders—you have shoes that have a rich history. So, if you are looking to get the most out of them, consider embracing them. The cowhand’s ranchers, the likes of John Wayne, as well as Clint Eastwood,  wore them. You too can stay elegant with cowboy boots. Manly for men and elegant for ladies—these types of boots can be a nice uplift for your wardrobe. What makes these boots distinctive is the tapered toes, unique heights, as well as unique decorations. When complemented properly, they can act as a focal point of that outfit of yours.  

For instance, wear the cowboy tapered toe-based boots and create a contrast to that usual outfit of yours. On the other hand, look taller with the heeled cowboy boots. Create the illusion of rarity with plain cowboy boots. The best part, cowboy boots come in different colors, finishes, textures, and leathers—so you won’t miss a style that suits your needs.

Know Different Styles

Do your research and familiarize yourself with different cowboy boot styles. The market houses different styles. Each style comes with its distinct looks. So, whether you are looking for a classic model for your event, ropers for your calf chasing special event, or Buckaroos—you will definitely find a style that suits your needs. It’s important to go for a style that suits your taste, personality, and style. So, it’s important to know all boot styles out there before making a purchase. For instance, sells authentic boots featuring different sizes.

Here is a breakdown of different types of cowboy boots:

  • Classic cowboy boots—these types of boots come with a shaft that is approximately 11-11.9 inches high. They are also characterized by a Cuban like heel. This means that the heel has been angled inward—making it easy to perfectly fit in the stirrup.
  • Ropers—Ropers, specifically designed for rode boys, come with a relatively lower shaft. It’s also important to note that the toes of these boots are rounded and the heel resembles that of a working boot.  
  • The Stockman—with the stockman style, you have boots that look classic and features a shorter, wider heel.
  • Western boots—the western workout boots have a larger toe. These types of boots also come with rubber soles—which provides better traction.
  • Buckaroos cowboy boots—with this style, you get boots that you can use during your flashy events. Tall—mostly more than 14 inches high—these boots come with detailed tooling and decoration on their shafts. So, if you want a boot that will protect your leg and expose your flashy lifestyle, then the buckaroos can be a nice style for you.

The Power of Choosing the Right Size

Besides size, you should also consider boot width. Choose the right size. Go for the right width. Typically, women shoes come in size A, B, as well as C. On the other hand, men’s boots are sized in B, D, in addition to EE widths

Be Confident

Confidence plays a key role as far as wearing your cowboy boots is concerned. Don’t be shy. Exude confidence. Show to the world that you understand what you are wearing.

Of course, cowboy boots are not common. So, is normal to experience a certain element on Guanche. They will attract attention. So, don’t fear. Wear them like a pro and let your class do the talking. Show flair in your walking. Your body language is important. So, mind it. Backbone up with confidence. Hold your chest high. Your self-conscious will be shown through your posture as well as body demeanor.

Other tips

  • Don’t go extreme. Avoid camp
  • Never tuck your jeans into the boots
  • Go for classic washes
  • Go for long pants

The Bottom-Line

It’s time to get nice cowboy boots. It’s time to go stylish with these elegant boots. However, how you wear them matters. Everything depends on how you pair with your outfits. Use the above guidelines and stay stylish with these highly hyped boots.