5 Secrets To Dress Like a French Woman

One look at a Parisian fashion blogger and you will wonder how she looks ultra-stylish and that too effortlessly! French women have this way for looking extremely chic without making it look like they spend an eternity in front of the mirror. Till date, no one has been able to demystify exactly how to dress like a French woman. But that doesn’t means it will forever be a mystery for you on how to welcome Parisian style in your life. That disheveled look which looks fascinating at the same time can be worn by you too. Here are some amazing tips which you must follow if you want to learn the dressing style of French women:

Make investments

The wardrobe of a French woman is more about quality than quantity. They build an evergreen wardrobe which transits seamlessly from one year to another without leaving them with fewer options on choice. Rather than having 50 clothes in your wardrobe, half of which you have no idea what to do with; try building a classic wardrobe that does not goes out of style. Have a wardrobe makeover on a budget by using Yepme coupons available on CashKaro.com. Buy essential clothing pieces which you can mix and match to sport varied looks such as a white button down shirt, white tee, black chinos, Black ballerinas, striped tee, day time dress, et cetera.

A striped tee

Given the fact that stripes were among the hottest fashion trends of year 2015 and are still here to stay, I am pretty sure that you must be having many striped tees and shirts in your closet. A striped tee has the ability of lending a stylish element to even a basic outfit. Wrap a silk scarf around your neck on it, pull on your culottes, sport ballerinas and you just have a French dress style recipe! If you can afford to, invest your money in a Breton stripe shirt which will last with you for years to come.


Play with neutral color palette

Clothes in neutral palette of balck, brown, nude, white, grey and cream and pop of colors in the form of accessories > It quite sums up the looks of French women! This will sound boring to anyone who takes a lot of risks when it comes to Fashion but this is how Parisian women have grown with their Fashion choices. Make use of coupons for Koovs and shop for statement making accessories in bright colors.

Do not turn a blind eye to trends

This pointer falls directly synonymous with building an evergreen wardrobe. While it’s fun to take notice of the newest trends every year and season, it can be a painful process to break bank to buy them. Plus, most of them may not even be that much wearable in daily life or suit your body type. Do not get tempted by every trend you see on runway. Focus on purchasing clothes that flatter your body and help you develop signature looks so that you never have to again face the situation “I don’t have anything to wear!”

Dress for yourself

Style is called personal choice for a reason! One of the most highly effective habits of stylish people and not just French women is that they dress up for themselves. They learn about their personal style and incorporate it. They do not dress for showing off. Your number one goal while dressing up should be to feel good about yourself. Once you master that, you will create a wardrobe that remains a classic for many years to come.

Champion the art of looking like a Parisian woman with these fabulous tips by your side!