How To Wear Plaid Like A Blogger

Do you want to rock your favorite plaid outfit combinations? Check this guide on how to wear plaid like a blogger!

Once you see these ideas and read the tips that I want to share with you, no one will stop you from looking gorgeous. Plaid is our favorite pattern for winter and fall. It will bring style into any outfit, both casual and dressy. However, you might find the pattern so specific to work with. And you certainly don’t want to end up with an untasteful look. So, make sure that you read the tips that I am so excited to share with you today!

Plaid shirt and warm cardigan

This combo sounds like the perfect one for those cold days when you don’t know what to wear. The chunky cardigan will keep you warm, while the plaid shirt will bring a pop of color. You can pair a black and white pattern with any color of cardigan. That’s why this piece is a must-have for your wardrobe.

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Plaid poncho and a basic tee or shirt

Don’t have a plaid poncho in your wardrobe? You would definitely head to the store to buy one, after checking these outfits. I really love how it adds style and keeps you warm on a cold winter day too. Wear a simple white turtleneck blouse or a cream shirt with jeans. Throw one warm poncho and your outfit is instantly transformed.

Or, wear a large blanket scarf. Check some tips here: How To Style Your Plaid Blanket Scarf This Fall

Plaid skirt and black leather jacket

If you are after one of those trendy combos, don’t miss this one. If you are afraid of feeling cold, add knee-high boots. They will keep you warm and add a dose of style to your outfit.

Plaid and a bold color

You don’t have to wear only basic colors with a plaid pattern. Feel free to go old and pair with outstanding colors that will make your outfit pop. I really love the combination of dark green plaid pattern skirt and mustard yellow sweater. The camel details fit perfectly in this combo. So if you want to dose of color, this is a safe combination to play with.

Red plaid pattern and brown boots

Looking for a go-to outfit for the winter? Remember that red plaid pattern pairs perfectly with brown and camel shoes.

Plaid and layers of neutral

Layering neutrals is an excellent way to go. The plaid pattern will spice things up, while the neutral colors will calm down the whole outfit.

Mix of two plaid designs

Who said that two prints can’t be mixed was obviously wrong. If you keep the rest neutral, you can pair two different plaid patterns. I know that this sounds tricky. To play safe, stick with these recommended combos. Both of these patterns are the same. Only the color and size is different. But, they fit perfectly together! Use this trick the next time you want a unique look.

Or, you can add one accessory too! The typical green and red Christmas patterns go perfectly with black and red. Don’t be afraid to stick with this secret combination!

Now when you have these tips on your mind, I am sure that you will rock your plaid outfits. What do you think?