How to Write a Good Fashion Research Paper

A stranger to this profession would probably be surprised to hear that you have to write a good research paper on fashion, as for many people, fashion is not related to science. Well, let’s forgive them, it is normal not to be aware of how things are rolling in someone else’s industry. However, if you are one of those who need to write a good fashion research paper and submit it rather soon, these tips can get you started and keep going. Some of them may seem obvious, as you have heard about them for several times,but you need to ask yourself whether you actually follow those tips, add them to your practical writing routine.

How to Write a Good Fashion Research Paper

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Challenge #1. Can You Choose a Catchy Topic and Successfully Pitch It to Your Professor?

It is a critical point, and you don’t want to mess with it. If you don’t choose an engaging topic or can’t pitch it successfully to your professor, there is a chance the whole research process will be a torture for you.

  • Brainstorm ideas, give yourself three sessions, ten minutes each, to come up with the list of ideas for your research paper on fashion;
  • Find patterns – thoughts that come to you mind more often than others and think about what unites them, why it interests you;
  • Underline some crazy but catchy ideas and think how you can unite them with the trending ones;
  • Make a list of three topics which you can pitch to your professor or supervisor;
  • Write strengths and weaknesses for each topic ( 2 strong and 2 weak points for each are enough);
  • Check on the latest events and studies related to the list you’ve created;
  • Write down references and most interesting related studies to your list to show to the professor when you pitch topics.

Challenge #2 Can You Write a Quality Research Plan and Follow It to the Dot?

You shouldn’t even hope to start working on research paper before presenting your professor with a research plan.

  • Write three plans: research plan, preliminary outline and plan of your work week by week;
  • Add references and the variety of studies to support chapters of your research plan and outline;
  • Take notes and react to adjustments immediately, don’t feel criticized, it is your professor’s obligation to assess your plan and give recommendations.

Challenge #3 Can You Beat Your Procrastination Monkey?

The worst obstacle on your way is not a lack of research material, but your own procrastination and how it is often called in the variety of books and articles – Procrastination Monkey.

  • Analyze your writing mood and divide it into three categories, for example – superhero, working bee, lazy bone.
  • Define working patterns for each of these groups. For example, super hero works 45 minutes and rests 15, working bee works 25 minutes and rests 5, lazy bone works 15 minutes and rests 10-15 minutes. The major idea is to work at least five minutes each half an hour not to get influenced by Procrastination Monkey.
  • Have enough fresh air and try to sleep at least seven hours straight.

Challenge #4 Are You Ready to Emergencies? Do You Have a Plan B?

Every student at least once in a while fails to submit a paper on time. Sometimes it is rather innocent and can be compensated in a matter of days, but often it can be threatening to your academic progress. To avoid it, we recommend:

  • Find someone who can write a research paper for you – a high-quality research paper writing service which can hold your back if something goes wrong;
  • Decide which parts of your research paper you can easily delegate to a writing company;
  • Ask your friends for recommendations.

Writing on fashion is engaging and interesting process, but you should first of all focus not on creativity, but on getting things done.