Jeans are Made for Every Body – Here’s Why!

Most modern wardrobes contain at least one pair of jeans and considering that these legendary trousers are known to be both functional and comfortable, it’s not hard to figure out why! But not all bodies are the same, which makes finding the right pair in terms of fit, colour and a match to your personal style, can be a challenge.

What’s your cut?

The quality of different kinds of jeans is not the same, and there are many factors to consider: do you prefer a high rise or low rise cut, and what is the best cut for you? When it comes to picking between skinny, bootcut and flare, it helps to know which cut is the most flattering for your figure. Stick around, and I’ll break it down a bit more.

Different strokes for different folks

Each designer adds their own flavour to the jeans they design, and that is often what makes designer jeans so alluring. This is also why you might find yourself experimenting with different brands. Each designer has their own opinion about how a pair of jeans should look, and you’ll be surprised at how different two items of a similar thing can be when compared. Designer A’s flare cut can be dramatically different from those by Designer B. This is where personal preference starts playing a huge role.

Black denim is wonderfully versatile and can be dressed up or down. The trick here is to ensure that they are well-fitted. Black jeans that are too loose is not a good look, so do make the effort to tailor them, or to buy a perfectly fitting pair.

After trying on, trying on and trying on some more, decide which is the best fitting brand for you. Nothing stands between you and multiple copies of a style that works particularly well for you. If it fits, I say go for it and get several pairs in different styles and washes.

It comes down to your build

Straight leg and low-rise cuts are ideal for someone with a lean, muscular build, as it provides adequate roominess without being baggy. If the legs are cut too wide, the jeans will sit too loosely. The good news is that , thanks to the huge selection of styles and shapes out there, something out there is bound to suit you, whether you are looking for men’s or women’s jeans when shopping online.

It should fit your lifestyle

When shopping for jeans, take into account things you like to do, or do often, and whether you are an active or more sedentary person. Consider how likely you are to want to dress up your jeans, or whether you would wear them in a more active way. These considerations will play a huge role in ensuring that you buy the right jeans for you!