Curious About Crystal Healing? Things You Should Know

The history of crystal healing can be dated back to the ancient Sumerians of Mesopotamia. Ancient Egyptians have also embellished themselves with crystals. They used them to ward off negative energy and illnesses. Although crystal healing has seen a boom in recent years, most medical doctors and scientists refer to it as a pseudoscience. There is no evidence of its effectiveness in curing diseases, except the role of the placebo effect in a patient. So if you’re curious about the healing powers of crystals, read ahead to know some key facts.

1. Crystal healing is an alternative medical technique

It dates back centuries. Ancient forms of medicine and mystics used crystals to align body chakras and calm the nerves. They are often used as focal points for meditation and other healing practices. In recent times, crystal treatments are gradually surging among its supporters. Supposedly, the naturally formed gemstones have natural powers, aura, and healing properties. There are ​​healing crystals jewelry for sale that you can try, and some shops even give the option of customization! Medical practitioners, however, do not support this treatment as it has no scientific evidence or theory of effectiveness.  

2. Crystals are valued for their rarity

Crystals are rare underground or underwater formations of nature that keep growing even though they’re not alive. These gorgeous gifts from the earth have amazed humans since time immemorial. Most of the minerals present in nature, like salt, are found in crystal form, and their molecular structure is naturally very well organized. The many incredible shapes such as orthorhombic, tetragonal, and sizes truly induce a sense of wonder. The mystical nature of crystals has inspired philosophers, artists, and writers to associate them with some unusual and latent healing powers. It is common for most of them to wear crystal jewelry such as gemstone rings, crystal stone bracelets, and necklaces. By placing crystals on the body, you can feel their potent healing powers, and when we touch them, healing is triggered immediately.

3. Some people swear by their powers

Although there is no scientific proof of the healing powers of crystals, there are several people who swear by their powers. Just like there’s no scientific proof of the presence of God, there are believers of his existence all over the world. People are drawn to crystals for their beauty, variety in color, and sizes. Research suggests that it’s basically the placebo effect that accounts for the impact of wearing or using crystals. The look and feel of these semi-precious gems can be impressive and convincing enough to assure the seekers of ‘good vibes’ and healing powers.

4. Supposed to amplify positive energy

When one talks about the subject of alternative medicines, crystal healing probably tops the list! According to some experts, crystals have the intrinsic ability to store and allow positive energy to flow through the body and get rid of the negative, harmful energy. Crystals work on the body from the inside and strengthen the placebo effect to aid medical treatment and allow for a fast recovery. When the healing crystal’s vibration and frequency match with the wearer’s, it helps uplift their mood and health.

5. They harness the energies of the sun, moon, and oceans

Crystals harness all-natural energies as they are naturally extracted. When you place the crystal on any particular body chakra, it interacts with it and promotes good health and mental wellbeing. Many mystics and yoga practitioners use crystals for focusing during meditation.


Each healing crystal functions differently. So what might be beneficial for you may not suit your friend. Also, no matter what, if you have a disease, never quit your medical treatment. You can try using healing crystals along with your ongoing treatment.