Longer, Thicker, Fuller: 5 Solutions for Short Eyelashes

Do you want longer lashes?

Aside from cosmetics, your eyelashes protect your eyes from debris. With longer lashes, your eyes look fuller. At the same time, it decreases your chances of getting an eye injury.

Short eyelashes need specific care to become long and strong. In this guide, you’ll learn how to grow eyelashes. Read on and enjoy the benefits today.

1. Proper Grooming

To grow your lashes, keep them pampered. Use a gentler makeup remover and an easy-to-rinse mascara. Waterproof formulas are great, but removing them could damage your lashes.

Another beauty tool to avoid is the lash curler. It damages your natural lashes, especially when they’re regrowing. Also, stay away from lash adhesives since they cause long-term damage.

Brush your lashes regularly for breakage prevention. Take biotin supplements to ensure your lashes’ strength and length.

2. Use Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

Are you wary of lash serums? If you have chemical allergies, use natural alternatives instead. Castor and coconut oil are helpful because of their hydrating properties.

Use these when your lashes turn brittle and break because of mascara or adhesives. They help increase your eyelash luster without damaging your hair. Their conditioning effect improves your hair fiber flexibility as well.

However, it’s best to use tried and tested eyelash conditioner brands like Revitlash. These products went through several testing methods to ensure their efficacy. Use hypoallergenic brands to avoid allergic reactions.

3. Opt for Individual False Lashes

If you can’t wait to grow your lashes, using an eyelash extension is an alternative, especially when you’re attending special events. However, avoid using false strips since they pull your natural lashes after use.

Individual false lashes are better because they’re less risky. Use three of them per eye. It’s the best number for growing your real lashes while giving an authentic look.

Do you use extensions frequently? If so, take at least three months off every year. It allows your lashes to rest and grow longer and thicker.

4. Remove Eye Makeup Before Sleeping

Mascara will clog your follicle over time, making it weaker. It’s why you must never let it sit for a long time. Before going to bed, use micellar cleansing water to remove your regular mascara.

If you have a stronger, waterproof variant, get an oil-based remover instead. Pat the remover over your eyes and lashes. Be gentle and avoid rubbing too hard.

5. Never DIY Trim Your Lashes

A common myth is your short eyelashes become thicker after trimming. Avoid using scissors to cut them. It’s dangerous since you can poke your eyes or suffer from other injuries.

If you want eyelash removal, get a specialist to do the job. Do it only when you have inflamed eyes.

Grow Your Short Eyelashes Now

These are some wonderful tips to make your short eyelashes longer. If you have no allergies, use a lash serum to boost your eyelash growth. Do your research and get the right serum to avoid irritation.

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