What is Unique Style, and How Do You Find It?

Often times, finding your own personal style can truly be a struggle. You may gaze into the abyss that is your wardrobe wondering, “why am I dissatisfied with all the clothing that I own, and why is it so difficult for me to find my own unique style?”. If you have found yourself in that predicament, fret not. Most of us have been there; desiring to stand out of the crowd and truly wishing that we could confidently rock our own style. In this article, we will look at ways in which you can explore the world of fashion and truly find a style that is uniquely you – so read on to find out more.

  • There Is Nothing Wrong With Seeking Inspiration

Often times, people get so caught up in trying to be 100% unique and original when creating their own personal style. Truth is, we live in an age where nothing is unique and 100% completely original, so there is no harm in seeking inspiration.

Whilst you do not need to copy someone’s style, there is absolutely no harm in getting ideas, inspiration or advice from the style of others. Like those perspex heel boots that your favourite celebrity struts around in? Why not get a pair for yourself and customise your look by donning them in your own way? Unique style is about working around everyday items and creating a signature look of your own – so don’t be afraid to seek inspiration!

  • Time To Get Rid Of Things That Do Not Suit Your Vision

Still have that plaid skirt from your teenage years? Or what about those bell-bottomed jeans from yesteryear? If your closet or wardrobe is stuffed silly with clothes that you no longer use and cannot envision yourself using in the foreseeable future, it’s time for a wardrobe spring clean. Donate unwanted items to charity shops or sell them online. It can be difficult to find your unique style when you have random bits of clothing strewn around the place, so clear out in order to really focus on your style goals.

  • Always Take Your Lifestyle Into Consideration

You may have grand fantasies of a princess themed wardrobe. However, realistically, this is never going to be your unique style if you’re like the rest of us, who have to go to work in the morning and hustle through meetings, appointments and other responsibilities.

When choosing or discovering your unique style, taking your lifestyle, job and goals into consideration is absolutely vital. If you work in a casual environment, make sure you have a variety of cute jeans and knitted pieces that you can throw on for the day. Do you live in a modern city? Invest in one or two pieces that truly scream “city life”. You want your style to showcase not just your personality, but your lifestyle and who you are as a person.

  • It’s All About Confidence

Often times, people think that they do not ‘deserve’ to immerse themselves in the world of style and fashion if they do not have a supermodel figure or catwalk curves. Well, it’s time to throw that ideology into the trash, where it belongs! Your dress size absolutely does not matter – it is your confidence that matters most.

If you are confident rocking an item of clothing, you’ll look amazing in it. When you feel your best, regardless of height, weight or size, people take notice. Furthermore, almost all brands carry stylist plus-sized and petite ranges these days, so you are spoilt for choice. Self esteem and confidence is the most timeless piece of fashion you can adorn.

  • Don’t Knock The Idea Of Professional Help

Did you know that there are so many personal stylist these days that help everyday women and men find their own unique look? You don’t have to be a celebrity in order to hire a stylist these days. You could even head into a department store and ask for free help from associates and stylists – most are usually more than happy to help!

We hope that this article has helped you gather some inspiration to go out and find a style that is truly unique to you and your lifestyle!