Lost your motivation to exercise? Here’s how you can get it back

We all struggle with motivation from time to time. Working out can be exhausting, boring, and even unenjoyable at times. However, establishing a sustainable exercise routine has numerous health benefits and can lift your mood. It’s all about being disciplined and learning to exercise even on the days you would rather have an extra hour in bed. 

As the summer season comes to an end, most people tend to abandon their diet and settle in for the winter. While the festive period is a great time to enjoy rich food, it’s also a time to focus on your wellbeing. You should try to maintain a steady exercise regime throughout the year and bid goodbye to crash dieting and irregular workouts. 

Lost your motivation to exercise? Here’s how you can get it back

Here are a few ways you can revive your motivation to exercise. 

Revise your goal

Goals keep us motivated and on track. You might need to think about why you started working out in the first place and whether you achieved that goal. Perhaps, your goal was to lose six pounds, and you did that last month. Now, you need to set a new, more challenging goal. Instead of aiming to lose weight, think about what you will gain by losing weight. Your goal might be to become more body confident or fitter so you can complete a half-marathon. Make your goals specific and consider how you will measure them. How will you know when you’re body confident? 

 Track your progress

Check-in with yourself every week to see how you’re getting on. Did you manage to complete all your workouts this week? How are you feeling mentally? Where could you improve next week? Praise yourself when you have smashed your goals and develop an action plan to target the areas for improvement. 

Check for injuries

You might have stopped working out because you’re injured or in pain. In this case, go see a doctor to see what’s happening with your body and whether you need treatment. If you have injured yourself and the doctor wasn’t helpful, you can find more support elsewhere.  

Think positive

You need to be able to work out even when you’re tired and unmotivated. The key is to find a positive attitude so you can approach every workout with your all. Focus on the benefits of working out while you’re doing it instead of thinking about how tired you are. You will slowly build up mental strength and discipline. 

Get your mojo back and start working out again!