Makeup is Important, But So Is Skincare – Review by Premier Dead Sea

See someone with perfect skin? Blemish-free, well maintained facial skin can be a reality for you too. While makeup is magic, facial skin takes a hit on a daily basis. Pampering your skin by using the right products with a little daily love can help in getting that glow.

Start with these simple skin care tips to get that perfect radiance from within.

Hydrate and Moisturize

Drink minimum 7-8 glasses of water daily. Eat high-water-content fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, watermelons, and oranges. Water helps in flushing out toxins and maintaining pH balance all day long. Your skin will love you for it! Moisturize using Premier Dead Sea PERFECTION Refining Moisture Cream to encourage skin cell renewal and improve skin tone and texture. This gentle moisturizer deep conditions to make skin supple and smooth.

Save your skin from roasting

Invest in a good sun protection cream with SPF 15 or higher. Use sunscreen generously to avoid darkening, wrinkling, spotting, and skin problems like cancer. Wear protective clothing and wide hats to block harmful UV rays from directly affecting your skin. Sunscreen prevents burning and assists in curbing stretch marks and rashes. Don’t get roasted anymore!

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin

Facial cleansing helps remove dust, dirt, and grime. Done twice daily, it assists in reducing dry skin and blackheads. Cleansers reduce open pores to leave skin looking younger and feeling smoother and healthier in the long run. Accumulation of makeup overnight clogs pores and hampers cell rejuvenation making your skin look old with spots!

Exfoliate twice weekly. Use Premier Para-Pharmaceutical Facial Exfoliating Gel with a 5.5 pH balancing soap-free gel formula that removes impurities and balances skin tissues. Dermatologically tested, this exfoliating gel has therapeutic essential oils, Dead Sea minerals, and fruit grains. Just check customers’ opinions about Premier Dead Sea on Trustpilot .

Drink healthy green tea

Indulge in green tea to boost healthy skin. Green tea contains valuable antioxidants that miraculously battle free radicals, toxins, UV ray exposure and slow down signs of aging. Drink 2-3 cups of green tea daily to get healthy and glowing skin. If you can’t stomach green tea, mix a teaspoon of crushed green tea leaves with 3 teaspoons of yogurt and massage it onto your face gently. This heals your skin from sunburns and also prevents wrinkles!

Pump those muscles!

Exercises like running and yoga accelerate blood circulation and reduce risks of heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure and other deadly diseases. Please don’t ignore skincare regimes before and after your workout. Apply a light toner to preserve nutrients pre-workout and skin serum post workout. Use Premier Dead Sea PRESTIGE Concentrated Facial Serum with Vitamins C&E. It contains orange oil, rose hip kernel oil, vitamins, and anti-aging Retinol to combat ill effects and targets damaged areas like age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars.

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Eat healthy

Keep a constant watch on what goes inside your body. Eat healthy foods like green vegetables, proteins, fruits, and vitamins. Radiant skin needs a healthy dose of vitamin C and low fat, sodium, and sugar content. Indulge in eggs, avocados, kale, spinach, sardines, walnuts, and a glass of red wine a week! Only one glass, no more! Eating garlic regularly also helps prevent pimples. Visit a dietician to follow a simple healthy diet.

Get ample sleep!

Sleep soundly for minimum 6-8 hours every night to help your skin rejuvenate. Skin reacts badly to sleep deprivation. It gets baggy and starts looking unhealthy. Use a facial night cream prior to your bedtime. You can also apply mild, non-smelly olive oil every night to get sound sleep and regenerate skin cells. Simply another reason to press snooze on your alarm every morning for a few extra minutes!

Integrate these simple skincare tips into your daily beauty regime to keep skin healthy and fresh all day long. Use only trusted, derma-safe products like Premiere Dead Sea and follow these tricks to get a beautiful radiant glow. Look younger, eat healthier and live happier!