Morning Makeup Routine:How To Look Your Best When In A Hurry?

In the morning, we all are sleepy and clumsy. But, you still want to look fresh during the day. And you can’t really sacrifice your precious sleeping for putting on makeup. How to achieve the balance? My advice is to pay attention to the most important things. Read on and find out more about the perfect morning makeup routine!

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Cleanse and moisturize

This is the crucial part of your morning routine. Cleansing will help you get rid of dirt and excess oils that can clog the pores. This will make your skin look fresh. Use a gentle cleansing product that won’t dry your skin. After the cleansing, use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type.

The golden trio

In the morning, you really don’t have time to put lots of products. Forget about contouring and highlighting, and perfect eyeliner. Do not even try to do it. The trick is to determine a few products that will help you get that fresh look. And this set can vary for every person. Analyze your skin and decide which products are crucial. Apply the “golden trio” rule. The point is to decide the three products that will help you fix the imperfections. These ones will be the basics.

These are the basic products:

Medium coverage foundation– for problematic skin that has a few things to cover. Choose one that has good coverage so you don’t have to spend additional time on fixing the imperfections.

Concealer– dark eye circles and pimples. Use it to brighten the under eye area and create a fresh look. If you have  clear skin, you can omit the foundation and use only concealer.

Powder-for oily and combination skin. This one is a must if you want to keep your skin shiny free all day.

Brow pencil-pencils are a good idea if you are in a hurry. They will help you quickly fix the eyebrows.  If you don’t have the need to do it,or you are pleased with their shape, you can just skip this step.

Mascara– a quick way to add definition to your eyes, that does not require much time and effort.

After you have read this list, consider the imperfections that your skin has. It can be dark circles, pimples, excess oil, uneven skin tone, or badly plucked brows. Determine the three products that will solve this problems. If you have problematic skin, go for medium coverage foundation first. If you have a few pimples,cover them with concealer  and  jump right to mascara. These three products will be the ones that you must apply each morning.

Hint: Keep your golden trio products in a decorative purse somewhere handy. That way, you can easily access them and put in your bag so you can fix your makeup.