Natural Fashion Trends to Look Forward to for Autumn 2021

Fashion trends come and go, but there’s one trend that has been gaining popularity in recent years and seems here to stay. Consumers are more eco-conscious than ever and want to buy environmentally-friendly pieces. When it comes to fashion, this means natural materials such as organic cotton and wool, which are not only durable and comfortable but great for the planet too!

Last year, we were stuck inside most of the time and the only thing we were rocking was PJs and sweatpants. But now we are looking forward to more trips, more visits to cafes and restaurants. Finally, we can enjoy being fashionable again! So read on to learn about the natural fashion trends to look forward to for Autumn 2021.

Natural Fashion Styles that are On-Trend for Autumn 2021   

Here are the trends in natural textiles and eco-friendly fashion that will make your Autumn classy and elegant.

  1. Natural Knitwear   

You’ll find a variety of natural knitwear to choose from on the market and this Autumn everyone will be rocking stunning knitwear. This natural textile will keep you warm and cozy on cold days while being super breathable and comfortable to wear.

Natural knitwear is not limited to jumpers and cardigans. You can also find stunning knitted dresses for a unique look. Another big trend for Autumn 2021 will be sweater vests, so embrace this in natural fibers. Natural knitwear is incredibly versatile – you can choose between alpaca wool, Merino, lambswool, and more to find the perfect level of warmth and comfort for you.

  1. Sheepskin Outerwear   

Another trendy option this Autumn will be Sheepskin outerwear. We love the look of sheepskin duffle coats, parkas, and jackets. Not only do these give off a funky look reminiscent of the 1970s, but they’ll also keep you super warm in cold weather.   

Sheepskin is warm and cozy, but don’t be worried that you’ll overheat in your sheepskin coat or jacket! This natural material is a great insulator and highly breathable, so it will keep you warm in cold temperatures while still breathing and helping you to stay comfortable.

  1. Sheepskin Gilet   

Another way to rock sheepskin in Autumn 2021 is with a sheepskin gilet. A gilet, also known as a body warmer, is a sleeveless jacket that is perfect for layering over tops or dresses and is ideal for Autumn. This season, the trend is for a top-quality sheepskin gilet that fits the shape of your body.   

Layering is key in Autumn when temperatures vary and weather can change rapidly. Sheepskin gilets are super versatile, you can style it with your favorite shirts, T-shirts, or dresses to complete your look. For a truly on-trend outfit, pair a gilet with skinny jeans and sheepskin boots.

  1. Waxed Cotton   

Waxed cotton is a classic style that from the British countryside and today projects the casual and elegant style of country life. Waxed cotton jackets not only look beautiful, but they are very practical and perfect for Autumn because they will keep you dry without being too bulky.

A Celtic & Co for a perfect Short Wax Jacket is a great option for adventures, coastal walks, and even daily commute. Waxed cotton jackets are also easy to wear – these comfortable items will go with just about everything. This style looks equally phenomenal with a suit or semi-formal outfit as it does with jeans and gumboots.

  1. Sheepskin Boots  

If you’re on board with the sheepskin trend, don’t leave it to jackets and gilets only. This natural and cozy material is also fantastic for footwear. These casual items may not be ideal for going out to lunch, but they are a comfortable, cozy, and durable choice for at home. With more people than ever working from home all or some of the time, these are a great items to keep you focused and productive while working from home.

  1. Denim

Denim is set to be a huge trend in 2021, with major designers featuring head-to-toe denim looks in their Fall/Winter 2021 shows. You don’t need to embrace double or even triple denim to embrace this trend – you can start by integrating a few pieces like denim shirts, dresses, or vests.

You may not think of denim as a natural fabric, but denim in its purest form is simply cotton. Look for organic denim that is made from cotton that uses minimal water and doesn’t involve chemicals or pesticides in its production.

Summing up  

As summer, unfortunately, draws to a close, it’s time to start thinking about what we’ll be wearing in Autumn. After an anti-fashion hiatus through the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are looking forward to being stylish and on-trend once more with restaurants and bars reopening and events on the horizon. With natural materials like sheepskin and organic denim, you can be trendy, comfortable and eco-conscious all at the same time!