Trends from the 80s that are Back

The 80s were a major time for cool, edgy fashion that had never been seen before.

But now, we’re seeing those trends come back.

There was lots of neon, lots of shiny things, and cool-girl style.

Movies like Pretty in Pink and The Breakfast Club were gracing movie screens, while Madonna was singing Material Girl.

The 80s were iconic, and the fashion trends are no different.

Read on to find out the best trends from the 80s that are back.


Ray Bans


Madonna rocked Ray Bans in the 80’s; as did many other style icons.

Today, Ray Bans are once again popular.

Their price points make them accessible to both celebs and regular people.

The stylish wayfarers are worn all year round.

But the wayfarer style isn’t the only popular frame –

There are many other styles – like the half wayfarer – that are one of the top styles.

Many people rock the aviator style as well.


Fanny Packs

Fanny packs are small purses worn around the waist.

I’m sure you’ve spotted them on celebs, in college life, or other young people’s events.

They have gained popularity with celebrities because designers have started to take notice of this trend.

Sorority fanny packs have become a staple for college sorority rush and bid day, when they welcome their new members into the chapter.

So why have they become a current trend?

For one, because trends repeat.

Without fail.

And two, they are very convenient!

You can store everything you need to carry on your person.

They come in fun colors, prints, and you can even get them customized.


Doc Martens

These are a huge trend right now!

You can get the classic black with yellow stripe on the sole, or mix it up with the varying colors offered.

They are a bit pricey, so I would recommend hitting up your local Buffalo Exchange or browse Poshmark to find some a bit worn in.

Even though Docs came out in the 60s, they were most popular in the 1980’s when punk and grunge styles were thriving.

These shoes are definitely iconic, and can be worn with a multitude of outfit choices.

You can style them with an edgy outfit, or even with a dress to put an edgy spin on a classic ensemble.



Chokers have come back in a big way.

Girls nowadays have been pairing them with outfits of many kinds.

Stores such as Forever 21 and Lulu’s have come out with many versions of chokers, including lace ones, chokers that tie, and chunky ones.

These accessories were originally popular in the 80s and 90s, and we don’t see them going away anytime soon!


Mini Backpacks

Mini backpacks are a trend that have come back more recently in the past couple of years.

There are tons of cute little backpacks that women use as purses.

They are also made in a varying range of colors.

These backpacks are neon, black, shiny or multi-colored.


Anything Iridescent

We’re talking –

Iridescent nails, mini backpacks, purses, tops, pants, shoes. Whatever it may be, it probably comes in the shiny, multicolored shade.

This was a major trend in the 80s, along with anything neon.

Instead of a product trend, this is a color trend.

People were and are obsessed with the rainbow-ish color!



Lace was everywhere in the 80s –

Mostly due to the Material Girl era of Madonna (Lace and pearls, anyone?).

Nowadays, you can find lace chokers or tops.

You can even spot a lace skirt now and again!

Women will sport some lace to add a girly touch to her outfit, without going overboard with the girliness.



How many women have you spotted rocking denim overalls lately?

I bet you, a lot.

Overalls and denim skirts are sweeping the world!

Not to mention, oversized denim jackets.

Denim was a huge trend in the 80s and 90s –

So much so that women would wear denim on denim and it was actually cool.

Women today are bringing that outfit back –

By mixing different washes of denim.

We have even seen a denim choker for sale!



It is a huge trend right now to wear joggers, or full tracksuits.

We have seen celeb after celeb sporting a tracksuit while out and about.

Tracksuits have even graced the runway a time or two for designers’ latest lines.


Trends always repeat –

Which ones do you love, and which ones not so much?