Outfit Ideas for Edgy Fashion Lovers

Although fashionable people usually follow the current fashion trends, the truth is everyone likes to be dressed uniquely. Their capsule wardrobes may consist of the usual clothing staples, but they still choose to add a garment or an accessory that expresses their inner-self.

For example, the edgy fashion style is all about self-expression. It allows you to combine clothing apparel with all kinds of accessories in an unusual, yet stylish way. Whether you choose to add a dash of edginess to a conservative look with a statement lipstick or simply go all the way and embrace this fashion style in full, edgy outfits are certainly eye-catching. 

The biggest challenge with this trend is how to actually combine the pieces to put together an edgy look.

To get you started, we have come up with five outfit ideas you should try to nail the edgy-yet-stylish vibe every time.

Outfit Ideas for Edgy Fashion Lovers

Ripped jeans and an animated top

The staples of almost every edgy wardrobe capsule are the ripped jeans and graphic tees. The jeans usually come in dark colors such as black and the tops have vividly animated designs on them. That’s why the tops are often considered the centerpiece of such combinations.

Therefore, you should always go for a T-shirt or a blouse that features a striking image. This can be anything from designs of popular rock bands to eerie catchy sayings from your favorite serial killer documentaries. No matter which one you chose, wearing black ripped jeans with an animated top is the perfect way to create an edgy outfit.

Patterned pants and a loose tee

Because the edgy fashion style is all about self-expression, opting for printed pants is a great way to show everyone how unique your personal style is. These bottoms are very versatile as they come in many designs and can be combined with anything to create an eccentric, yet chic look.  

Most fashionistas decide to pair them with a plain color loose tee that matches at least one of the predominant hues in the pants. However, if you want to embrace the edgy look all the way, then opting for a graphic tee with vibrant colors is an excellent option.

Leather bottoms and a blouse

Leather is one of the most popular materials that are highly associated with the edgy fashion style. Whether it is a skirt, jacket or boots, leather is very versatile and can be worn with almost anything to achieve that high-end edgy look.

For example, leather leggings are one of the most popular choices among such trend lovers. While some people usually style them with a black tank top and black boots for casual outings, others choose to combine them with a cute blouse and high heels to put together a chic look with a dash of edginess.

Plaid skirt and a cardigan

An edgy clothing piece that will never go out of style is the plaid skirt. This classic staple is the perfect go-to item whenever you want to make a real fashion statement. Its preppy, multicolored designs are what actually make it an excellent choice for unconventional looks.

You can either go for a plaid skirt with a matching blazer or simply pair the skirt with an oversized cardigan of a different color. You can top off the look with above-the-knee black boots and a cute clutch purse. If you want to add a little bit of chicness to your outfit, add a headband in your hair.

Outfit Ideas for Edgy Fashion Lovers

Little black dress

Black dresses are another edgy wardrobe staple that is perfect to create eccentric looks. It comes in many forms and styles allowing you to combine it with all kinds of accessories and footwear to put together an ensemble that is stylish and eye-catching at the same time.

For example, if you are going on a casual Friday date night with friends, a little black dress should be your first choice. You can style it up with studded, grommet or chain detailed accessories as they are the best way to achieve an instant edgy look.

Final thoughts

Out of the many fashion styles out there, the edgy one is probably the most unique. The opportunity to combine different clothing pieces with eccentric accessories is what actually makes this style very popular among fashionistas. They like the idea of pairing together contrasting patterns and completing their outfits with cool jewelry pieces and purses.

So, if you are willing to experiment with your current fashion style, opting for edgy is a great way to go about it. And if you need inspiration along the way, be sure to borrow some of our ideas here and be original.