Women’s Winter Fashion Trends to Watch in 2022

It might feel that fashion trends change in the blink of an eye, but more accurately, they turn over with the seasons. As summer comes to a close and fall and winter loom on the horizon, you need to start thinking about how you are going to refresh your wardrobe for the upcoming cool weather. Here are a few of the top trends experts expect to see come winter 2022, so you can invest in new styles appropriately.

Oversized Outerwear

In contrast to the sleek and skin-hugging silhouettes of the past few years, bulky and oversized silhouettes are definitely in. Thus, this winter you should be investing in outerwear that obscures your natural form and swallows you in excess fabric. The easiest way to achieve this style is to size up, opting for blazers, cocoon coats or bomber jackets with extra-long sleeves, slouchy shoulders, hems below your hips and knees and other oversized details. Some stylists say that the bigger you go, the better, but the truth is that you should still be able to move comfortably in your outerwear all winter long.

Excessively Chunky Knitwear

Outwear is not the only winter clothing seeing a size increase. Knitwear will look especially chunky, with substantial cabling that provides plenty of visual interest as well as incredible coziness and warmth. Generally, knitwear of this type does not need any extra fuss in the outfit; you can throw it over jeans and any footwear and enjoy a complete (and chic) outfit. Thus, if you struggle to put together cohesive winter looks, you might invest in an extra few women’s sweaters this winter.

Tonal Dressing/Color Blocking

Neutrals are out, and color is in — in a big way. This winter, you should try to craft outfits around a bright and bold tones, playing with lines and textures with every piece, including accessories. The most fashion-forward winter looks will mix and match some of the most eye-catching hues, like fuchsia and orange or marigold and mint, but if you are not as daring in your color choices, you can follow this trend using more subdued tones — and even neutrals, if that suits your personal aesthetic.

Unique Cutouts

Despite the bulkiness of ongoing fashion trends, it is still appropriate to show some skin — but perhaps not the skin you might expect. Atypical and asymmetrical clothing cutouts add intrigue to some more basic outfits, especially those relying on neutral colors and cuts. You might invest in a few basics with cutouts under the bust, along the chest, around the sides and more, and generally, the most unexpected the cutout location, the better.

Deep Chocolate Brown

Dark browns are some of the least-loved neutrals, but this winter, they are finally seeing their rise. This season, compared with the bright color tones that are also rising in popularity, deep chocolate browns look sophisticated and luxurious, especially when they are worked into outfits in the form of sumptuously oversized outerwear, like wide scarves and wooly coats. However, you can also incorporate this distinctive hue into the rest of your wardrobe, especially in the form of holiday dresses and skirts and paired with sparkly accessories.

Bright Green

If you do not relish the idea of welcoming brown into your winter wardrobe, you might instead consider green. A bright, vibrant green is already taking over every fashion outlet, from runways to Instagram posts and more. Most green fits are head-to-toe in the color, but throwing in eye-catching pops of green with accessories like blazers, pumps or handbags is a good way to capture this trend without overwhelming your wardrobe with a single hue.

Leather Sets

If you consider yourself fashion-forward, you probably already own a leather jacket — but this season, a jacket alone is not enough to give your outfit the edgy look. Instead, you need a matching leather set, inspired by the classic biker looks from the 1970s and ‘80s. Colored leather is the hippest option, and sets that have racing details like stripes, studs and pockets will make your set even more interesting and exciting. To add some balance to the masculine look, you should pair your set with some stilettos or feminine flats.

As of right now, you have plenty of time to add trendy pieces to your winter wardrobe — but your time is fading fast. Fortunately, knowing the above trends, you can pick up the right pieces to feel fashion-forward during the upcoming season.