Pro Tips For Functional Closet Design

Are you in for designing your dream closet? Even the tiniest space can be transformed into a functional closet that is ready to satisfy your needs. Keep in mind that using every inch of the space is crucial. A poorly designed closet will have undesired outcome-wrinkled clothes and a big mess. Whether you intend in designing the perfect walk-in or built-in closet, we have some really helpful tips for you. It all begins with a good design. Read on and find out what pros have to say about functional closet design!

Good Lighting

Having good lighting is crucial in such a small space. Not all of the closets have access to natural light, so this can be a problem. When you are in a hurry to find the thing that you need and get dressed, there is nothing more frustrating than poor light. Purchasing some good LED lights is a great idea. You can easily color coordinate your outfits when the space is light. On the other hand, it will be a lot easier for you when putting away clothes.


Maybe you don’t consider the flooring for an important feature, but you really should. Having a walk-in closet means that you will sometimes walk barefoot, so consider it when planning the design. On the other hand, cleaning should be easy too. Quick-Step Livyn flooring is a good choice if you want something that is easy to be maintained. Also, the installation is easier due to the innovative design.

Efficient Storage

Hanged or folded? Having an efficient closet means that you should find the best way of storing clothes. Implementing the proper mix of rods, shelves, and drawers is crucial. Drawers provide a less cluttered look, while shelves make everything visible and easy to access. Give priority to dresses and delicate clothes on the rods. These types of clothing should be stored separately, so they stay in perfect shape.


This is one important thing that most of us don’t care about. Having hangers in so many different colors and sizes looks so messy. Instead, find the most convenient design and stick with it. This means tha you should get the same pieces or style for all of the clothes. This simple change will result in a cohesive and neat closet that everyone will be jealous of.

Sorting System

When you have lots of clothes around, finding the piece that you are looking for is difficult. Having a full closet means that you should create a sorting system. There is no right or wrong answer, as everyone should find the thing that works the best. If you are a neat-freak, then sorting by color is a good idea. Or, you can just divide clothes by occasion. You will know where to look for when matching an outfit for work, casual days, or special events. A good system will make it possible for you to always find exactly what you need.