Putting the Pastels in the Past: Modern Styles for Dressing Your Bridesmaids

When it comes to bridesmaids today, the rules have changed. The days of the Little Bo-Peep taffeta dresses are thankfully long gone. It’s time to be bold and strike out with a unique look that expresses your personality and those of your bridesmaids.

First Things First

Budgeting is all-important and should be discussed before you even begin to look at dresses. You need to avoid being in the position where you choose a dress that some of your friends cannot afford. Cut down on the expense by choosing from a range of pre-owned bridesmaid dresses. They are all in excellent condition and they’re available at very affordable prices. If you want to find out more, visit this page.

What’s Trending

Here are some ideas about which styles, cuts and colors are trending right now.     

  • Mix and match: Your bridesmaids don’t have to all be wearing matching dresses, many brides let them pick their own outfit to suit their personal taste.
  • One-shoulder dresses: This design looks great if you’re wearing a strapless gown.
  • Darker colors: Ditch the pastel shades, purple and black are contemporary colors for bridesmaids.
  • Switch out the shoes: If do decide to pick out the same dress for all your bridesmaids, let them have free reign on their shoes.
  • Be bold and sassy: Vibrant colors are trending right now, like fuchsia, violet and orange.
  • Shake up the shape: If you’re picking a neutral tone, such as pearl grey or dusky rose, choose dresses with different cuts to express a little individuality.
  • Get printed: Try a unique look, choose outfits with a plain top and a skirt with a bold pattern.
  • Go with the flow: Long flowy dresses are perfect for a spring or summer wedding and can be enhanced by trailing bouquets.
  • Let them sparkle: Add some glitz to your wedding entourage with sequins, shimmer and beaded dresses.
  • Coordinate the accessories: If you’re having your entourage wear different dresses, you can tie them together with accessories, such as broaches, pearls or even hair styles.
  • Any length goes: Not all your bridesmaid dresses have to be the same length. You can vary them from above the knee down to the ankle.
  • Double up: Put together outfits that have separate tops and skirts or flowing pants. This way your girls can wear them for other occasions.
  • Assort your fabrics: A good way to express a little individuality is by retaining a matching color but mixing different textiles and textures.
  • Give it some ombre: This gradual shading effect looks fantastic on long flowing dresses in subtle colors.
  • Get your floral on: Flower-patterned bridesmaid dresses are a growing trend, especially dark background with bright floral designs.

Whatever color theme or style you opt for in the end, make sure that you ‘maids have fun choosing their outfits, are happy with the results and that you all have a wonderful time on the big day.

Elizabeth Flynn likes writing articles and often writes about wedding topics. She had her own dream wedding last year and is happily married to the love of her life. She had also been a bridesmaid several times, and maid-of-honor once.