Raise Your Style Quotient With These Amazing Designer Slim Fit Jeans For Men

Designer clothes is no more a woman’s cup of tea as today, more and more men are also equally aware and conscious of their fashion dressing. Many designers have started designing jeans keeping in mind the young men who love to dress up and be the trend setters. There are various kinds of jeans which are trending in the markets currently. From slim fit jeans to ripped jeans, new denim trends are swarming the markets. If you find it tough to follow the latest fashion trends then we have you sorted. Mentioned below are some of the latest trends in designer jeans for men. Do not dress up in ordinary clothes anymore as extraordinary and designer clothes will raise your style quotient and add oodles of confidence and charm to your persona.

Slim-Fit Jeans

You might have come across young men in very tight fitting jeans which shows their muscular bodies very well. These slim-fit jeans are the latest trend in the market today. They are available in all shades of denim and are mostly in stretch fabric. You can find them in acid wash, stone washed, faded and regular varieties.

Side-Stripe Jeans

Side-stripe is a pattern generally found in sweat pants and track pants. Today, this pattern has dominated the denim industry with slim-fit or regular jeans featuring side stripes. These look really cool and come in various colors and patterns. These can be teamed up with regular tees or sweatshirts for a casual look.

Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans are the latest fashion for men these days. Men of all ages are found sporting ripped denims in various styles. Also known as distressed denims, these are available in highly distressed, medium distressed and low distressed varieties and are also available in tight, stretch and regular fit denims.

Floral Embroidered Denims

Trends in designer jeans for men get to the next level with floral embroidered denims these days. If you thought that embroidery is a women’s fashion segment, then you are wrong. Today, you can find men sporting jeans featuring floral embroideries and fine detailing. These look best when teamed up with solid colored tees.

Skinny Jeans with Graphics or Animal Patches

We all have a pair of blue denims that we cannot live without. But to take your fashion sense to the next level, men are experimenting with all kinds of jeans. The latest fashion for men in jeans is all about having different types of animal patches or graphic designs on your denims. Simple is elegant and simple is evergreen but if you want to dress up in the latest trends, then try getting a skinny pair of blue denims with some quirky graphic patterns on the thighs.

Knee Ripped Jeans

If you are not fond of distressed denims and yet do not mind a slash on the knee then these knee ripped denims would be perfect for you. These look good both on tight-fitting jeans or regular fit jeans. It is a fashion statement that is bold and edgy. The latest trend for men on the social media is all about men wearing denims with ripped knees. These rips are strategically placed by designers and that is why they look so cool.

Cropped Jeans

Just like women, men too are seen sporting cropped denims these days. These denims have a rough or torn look at the ankle giving a very rustic but chic look. These look good on tight fitting denims or even on regular fits.

New denim trends for men are buzzing all over the internet. You can find celebrities sporting various kinds of designer jeans with cool styles, cuts and embellishments.