The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Do you feel depressed? Maybe stressed? Or are you just in a bad mood? The right way to fix things is to change your hairstyle. But do it wisely, unless you want to strengthen your depression instead of getting rid of it! Among the variety of haircuts and styles, every lady can find her own style that emphasizes her uniqueness.

If you’re going to rock the hairdo from the cover of the magazine, first determine your face shape to find out if that style you’ve fallen in love with is a good idea for you. Keep it in mind that only girls with the oval face are free to choose everything they like, while representatives of other face shapes need to balance their proportions. For example, such popular detail as bangs should be chosen according to these rules:

  •         Thick bangs from ear to ear will suit women with a narrow face but is a bad idea for round shape.
  •         Short bangs work badly for those who have wide jaws and forehead.
  •         Long, oblique bangs perfectly balance the proportions of the square, oval, and round faces.
  •         Long geometrical bangs shorten a long rectangle face, visually softening heavy chin lines.

Even the right kind of hair coloring technique is able to make a difference when dealing with your face shape. For instance, if you’ve decided to make one of the most unexpected ombre hair ideas, which are so trendy nowadays and seem to be super versatile, remember that the length, color, and type of transition should be chosen exactly according to your face shape as well.

But what is the face shape? What kinds are there? How to define your own type? OK, let’s try to figure it out.

  1. Oval

We’ve already mentioned that this face shape is ideal for any hairstyle. It has classic proportions: the widths of forehead and cheekbones coincide, the chin lines are soft, and the face height is 1.5 times more that its width.

Any hairstyle is suitable: from messy curls and waves to pony with an open forehead, from short asymmetrical bob to long sleek locks.

  1. Square

The square face has a wide lower jaw and a broad forehead, and their widths are almost the same.

The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Recommended: in order to soften the look, choose asymmetrical hairstyles and bangs, side parting (not far from the middle of the head), open ears, extra volume on the sides and back. Wavy hair, voluminous and messy hairstyles are also good.

Not recommended: long thick bangs that emphasize the width of the face, different symmetrical hairstyles and combed back hair, central parting, and long straight locks.

  1. Round

The round face is characterized by wide, prominent cheekbones, a high bridge, and soft lines.

The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Recommended: high hairstyles with oblique bangs, straight and sleek locks, torn fringe, naturally curly medium-length hair, high top with smooth sides, side partings and other ways to make the look asymmetrical.

Not recommended: combed back hair, voluminous and fluffy round hairstyles, cuts without bangs (but avoid bangs covering the whole forehead as well), small curls and other horizontal lines in the hairdo, straight parting.

  1. Oblong

The oblong face is the longest of the face shapes, it’ something between an oval and a square: high forehead, prolonged chin, their widths are almost equal.

The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Recommended: hairstyles with soft curls on the sides that cover the ears, light 3-D bouffants, bobs with expanded sides, asymmetric cuts.

Not recommended: hairstyles that visually lengthen the face, too short and too long straight hair, straight lines (like a central parting), open ears or forehead.

The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

  1. Diamond

The diamond or pear face shape has narrow upper and middle parts but widens from cheekbones downwards. People with such face usually have little eyes and big chicks.

The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Recommended: the basis of any hairstyle for the diamond face is a “hat” or a classic bob that covers the top part up to the middle of the ears, framing the face but not lying on it. For thin hair, try doing a perm, but the hair should be medium-length or long; when your roots grow and become straight, just make a bouffant from the inside to add some volume.

Not recommended: too short haircuts with buzzed or fading sides, also avoid a straight central parting, don’t open the ears and forehead.

  1. Heart

This one is wide at the forehead and cheekbones but narrow at the jaw line. It is the opposite of the diamond face shape.

The Right Hairstyles For Your Face Shape

Recommended: choose the hairstyle with its widest part in the area of ear lobes, long bangs (both straight and oblique), a variety of long hairstyles, including layers, comb the top hair towards the face and the down part – backwards (to open the narrow chin and hide wide forehead and cheekbones).

Not recommended: slicked sides, short bangs and short haircuts with high top emphasize your wide cheekbones and forehead.