Shoulder Laser Hair Removal: Easier and Quicker than Ever

Shoulder laser hair removal is the latest innovation in getting rid of unwanted and embarrassing body hair quickly and easily.

For many men, hair on the shoulders, along with the back and neck, is often a source of embarrassment. At times, shoulder hair may also be a problem for women as well. Luckily, various laser hair removal cosmetic spas are available in most major North American cities, offering various treatment plans to get rid of pesky shoulder hair. Do not hesitate to contact one today.

Shoulder Laser Hair Removal: Easier and Quicker than Ever

Reasons for Shoulder Hair Growth

Hair growth on the shoulders can be caused by a variety of reasons, including androgen, hirsutism, and hypertrichosis. For example, androgen may be responsible for excessive hair, as it is often the cause of the development of masculine features. Additionally, hirsutism, or an elevated level of androgen in women, can cause shoulder hair, as well as weight gain and menstrual cycle disruption. Finally, hypertrichosis, which only affects men, causes abnormal hair density, length, and thickness.

Benefits of Shoulder Hair Removal

Laser hair removal on the shoulders has a variety of benefits, including enhancing one’s appearance, keeping up with hygiene and cleanliness, reducing sweat production, feeling cooler, improving physical performance, and keeping one’s significant other happy.

Additional benefits include decreased future hair growth, no more razor burn, and fewer ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal saves one time in the mornings. It is also more effective than waxing or shaving, which make it easy to miss spots, especially in hard to reach areas.

Benefits of Laser Hair Removal over Waxing and Shaving

Although both techniques produce smooth results, laser hair removal will get rid of hair permanently, unlike waxing. Waxing requires weekly upkeep, while laser hair removal is permanent after the first few sessions.

Laser hair removal is also much less painful than waxing, and will cost less in the long run.

In addition, many practitioners believe that if done correctly, the laser is much safer than waxing, which can cause burns on the skin.

Similarly, laser hair removal saves individuals the hassle of daily shaving. In addition, laser hair removal eliminates razor burns, and annoying nicks and cuts.

Other Areas for Laser Hair Removal

Apart from shoulders, laser hair removal can be performed on a wide range of body parts, including the back, arms, legs, and face.

Shoulder Laser Hair Removal Procedure

During the procedure laser light pulses with selectively destroy black hair follicles by targeting the hair’s melanin. As the hair pigment absorbs the pulse, it becomes damaged, which prevents future hair growth. Once the hair follicle is destroyed in its growth phase, its life cycle will be stunted.

Types of Lasers

Shoulder hair can be removed by a variety of lasers, including Nd: YAG, Alexandrite, Diode, Ruby, and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL).

  • Nd: YAG Laser – The Nd: YAG laser can be used on all skin colours, but works best for individuals with darker complexions. It is less effective for individuals with lighter hair. It is also less painful than other lasers and less damaging to surrounding skin. For this reason, it may require more sessions than with other lasers.
  • Alexandrite Laser – The Alexandrite laser works best on light or olive coloured skin. It uses a longer wavelength than other lasers, which makes it the quickest method available, and best for large areas, such as the back and legs.
  • Diode Laser – The Diode laser works well on all skin colours, and uses a mix of short and long wavelengths. It presents a low risk for damage and discolouration of the surrounding skin.
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) laser works best on fair skin and dark hair. The IPL uses a full spectrum of light with a variety of scattered wavelengths.
  • Ruby Laser – Finally, the Ruby laser works best for lighter coloured skin and fair hair.

Cost of Laser Shoulder Hair Removal

The cost of laser hair removal depends on a variety of factors, including skin type, hair thickness, hair colour, underlying health conditions, experience of technician, and type of laser used.

In particular, the total cost of shoulder laser hair removal ranges from $5,300 to $9,900 USD. Each session ranges from $450 to $600 USD, often including neck and upper back as well.

Many cosmetic spas also offer treatment plans, which can result in a discounted rate, so do not hesitate to ask. For example, many spas may offer a set of ten treatments for the price of eight.

Choosing a Laser Hair Technician

Choosing the perfect laser hair technician does not have to be a difficult process. Firstly, browsing through review websites, such as Google or the Better Business Bureau (BBB), is a great way to start one’s search. In addition, asking friends, family, and coworkers for recommendations is also an easy way to find a qualified laser hair technician. Many cosmetic spas now have personal websites as well, featuring an online portfolio of work.

Once a technician has been chosen, it is important to ask various questions. For example, find out how many procedures the technician has performed. Are they experienced? Are they certified? What is their educational background? What type of training did their receive? How many hours of training?

Secondly, find out the type of laser being used. Is it appropriate for one’s hair type and skin colour?

Thirdly, find out how many treatments are needed. Six to eight treatments is the average for 75% to 95% hair reduction depending on skin type, type of hair, and device being used.

In addition, ensure that the cosmetic spa is clean and tidy.

Finally, inquire about how often treatments are needed. An average time is six to eight weeks between sessions. At times, certain individuals require as little as three sessions.

Shoulder laser hair removal is now easier than ever. Do not hesitate to contact a local cosmetic spa for more information.