Spark Joy Or Spark Style? Finding What’s Missing From Your Wardrobe

Marie Kondo is taking over our lives and our wardrobes, but sometimes less just isn’t more; while some women swear by capsule wardrobes, many find having so few options to be stifling. Before you get too caught up in what sparks joy, then, consider what pieces in your wardrobe spark style. This simple strategy will help you assemble a wardrobe you love, featuring everything you need for a variety of occasions.

Start With The Basics

When it comes to building a wardrobe, many professionals opt for a bare-bones approach, and that kind of simplicity is where you should start. Before tossing or buying anything, go through your clothes and make sure you have key pieces, such as a great pair of jeans, a white blouse, and a blazer. These items are the foundation of your wardrobe, and you’ll build outfits around them.

Haul It All Out

Now it’s time to look at everything else in your closet, from old band t-shirts to that dress you bought for your cousin’s wedding three years ago. Lay it all out, Marie Kondo style, and consider how these items fit into your current wardrobe. This is an opportunity to figure out what you like to wear, define your current style, and ensure that your clothing fits your daily activities. If you never wear something and can’t see how it will be useful to you in the future, toss it. This is also a good time to get rid of any clothes that don’t fit.

Look Beneath The Surface

One part of the ‘spark joy’ closet revision we rarely see are foundation garments, but making sure you have the right underwear, bras, and shapewear is just as important as establishing your office wardrobe. With that in mind, then, it’s time to open up the underwear drawers. Do you have bras in several colors to accommodate different blouses? Do they fit? If not, get a professional fitting. You’ll also want to ensure that your wardrobe includes a few pieces of shapewear suited for different outfits; shapewear helps your clothes fit better, and that will help you feel more confident no matter what you’re wearing.

Find The Hidden Gems

When you were going through all of those items earlier, you probably stumbled on a few pieces of clothing that you love but never wear. Why not? Most likely, they’ve been hidden in the back of your closet, and you’ve simply forgotten about them. Take those items and put them in the front of your closet to ensure they’ll be worn. You might also start pairing them with wardrobe staples so that you have a plan for how these pieces will be used down the line.

Don’t Forget The Accessories

As with any other part of your wardrobe, every woman needs a few key accessories to assemble a great outfit. So what should you be looking for? Check your shelves and hooks for a classic leather belt to pair with jeans, simple stud earrings, and a stylish watch. Even if you don’t wear a lot of jewelry, these simple items will go a long way toward helping you feel put together. You might also expand your staples to include some sunglasses, a hat, and a tote you can take anywhere. Own these pieces as part of your look and others will actually begin to associate “that fantastic green bag” or “that festive sunhat” with you, making you the fashion icon of your social circle.

Your wardrobe is an extension of your personality, but it’s also highly functional, to make sure you have what you need to let your style shine through every day. Your looks will be a living testament to the fact that style and simplicity go hand in hand.