Staying Up to Date on the Latest Makeup Trends

If you are reading our site, you already know a lot of what is going on in the clothing side of fashion. When most people think of fashion, they think of clothes- it is easy to understand why. Clothes grab our attention first- they cover most of the body (a lot of the time!), move about, and have loud colors. It’s easy to understand why clothes grab so much of our attention, but that is really just looking at the surface of the fashion industry.


There is a lot of nuance to fashion that people who are not really in tune with the industry miss. These details still guide everyone’s experience with fashion, but they are simply not aware of what is really going on.


For example, when a runway model is going to do a show, what do they spend more time on- makeup or putting on the clothes they are modeling? Putting on an outfit takes mere minutes in most cases. It is the makeup that takes hours to pull off. If a model is preparing for a photo shoot, she doesn’t show up three hours early to put on a swimsuit- it is the makeup that is time intensive.


Why do people focus so much on makeup? The makeup commands the scene and directions attention. It may be the clothes seem to grab your attention, but what really controls your interaction with the visual imagery is the makeup worn by the model.


Take some time to assess some of the great photos and videos put out recently and you will see that makeup is a commanding force in every shoot.


If makeup is so influential, why do we not hear more about it? Makeup is sometimes a taboo subject- women want to project that their beauty is natural, while men have the expectation that it is.


Rather than simply sit back and accept that things are the way they are, you can actually get in there and shape the industry, too. When you shop at a store like Belk, you have the opportunity to choose from a variety of different products and experiment with what creates the effect you are looking for. By getting directly involved with makeup, you will find that you are better able to understand what is going on in the fashion industry.