Take a Pregnancy Test in the Comfort of your Home

Confirming pregnancy is an important part of the journey for most women and the faster the process the better which is why most women are often asking:  Can I do a pregnancy test at home? The good news is that it is possible as proven by many women. Being highly imaginative, some women found it important to invent pregnancy tests that though considered ancient, are still applicable today. For the modern woman, these tests are now known as homemade pregnancy tests that are easy to improvise instead of buying the modern kits. Apart from those, there are pregnancy tests that can be accessed at the nearest pharmaceutical shops at affordable costs.

Take a Pregnancy Test in the Comfort of your Home

How to take a pregnancy test at home

There are many reasons why a woman may choose to do her own pregnancy test but the most common reason is privacy before making a medical appointment with the doctor. Whatever reason a woman may have for taking a pregnancy test at home, finding an efficient test should not be a worry because one can chose to improvise or buy a test kit.


  • Improvise your Pregnancy test


There are several tests that can easily be made in the comfort of your home using material that can be locally sampled from the house. One of these tests is household bleach which you mix with a sample of your urine. The reaction that occurs determines the results where foaming and fizzling indicates possibility of pregnancy while no reaction means negative pregnancy.

Sugar also makes a good testing item where similar to bleach is mixed with a sample of urine, a positive pregnancy test is indicated by clumping while if sugar dissolves the result is considered negative. You can also use white toothpaste to do the test where by adding urine, a positive pregnancy test may turn the paste light blue or cause it to form.

More traditional tests such as white vinegar test are also applicable. In this test, you should add urine to a cup of the vinegar where a change in color indicates a positive result. There is also the pure pine sol test where in place of water you add urine and look for a color change for positive result to be confirmed.


  • Other options


Then there is the option of buying a pregnancy kit at the local shop for those who do not trust the homemade pregnancy test results. While doing the tests, there is a drawback that the results could be inaccurate which is why it is advisable to visit a doctor for better care.

Best time for home pregnancy test

The recommended time to take a pregnancy test is in the morning which means testing with the first urine sample of the day. This is because all home pregnancy tests seek to detect the levels of human gonadotropin (HCG) in the body through the urine sample

Menstruation and home pregnancy tests

You may be asking; can I take a pregnancy test at home while menstruating? The answer is yes. With home pregnancy tests, you do not have to wait for the first pregnancy symptoms to show. Read this article for more answers to your question.  

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