Teach Your Boring Hair How to Have Some Fun With These 9 Style Ideas

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably been doing your hair in the same way for years. Yes, it’s a tried-and-tested style that looks good on you, so it’s a good idea to keep using it.

But truth be told, it can become quite boring, especially if it’s the only style you’ve ever done.

Tired of your boring hair? Then read on. We’ll give you 9 fun style ideas!

Teach Your Boring Hair How to Have Some Fun With These 9 Style Ideas

1. Use Pomade or Hair Gel

If you have short hair, you can try experimenting with pomade or hair gel. For a more mature, formal look, you can slick your hair back against your skull. This can give you a suave and even handsome look.

On the other hand, if you want to appear edgy, try the opposite. Lift strands of your hair away from your scalp to give it a more choppy, spiked look. You can even take chunks and spike them up for the ultimate punk look.

2. Dye Your Hair

Dying your hair gives you endless possibilities for something new. For example, if you’re not very bold, you can just dye your hair in a natural color that’s not too far off from your original one. So if you have brown hair, you can go for light brown or strawberry blonde.

Or, if you’re daring, you can dye your whole head an unnatural and bold color. For instance, Manic Panic makes a wide variety of hair dye in colors like pink, neon green, bright red, blue, and purple. You’ll certainly make a statement with any of those hues!

3. Get Streaks

Don’t feel that courageous? That’s ok. You can get streaks instead!

While you can choose to do streaks yourself at home, it may be better to get a professional to do it for you. That way, they can place them strategically so it looks best on your hair length, thickness, and curliness/straightness.

If you don’t really want to commit to permanent color change, you can also buy clip-in extensions. You can then wear them out wherever and whenever you want.

4. Add Some Bling

Whether you leave your hair down or put it up, a beautiful hair clip can certainly perk it up. Again, this is an area you can totally explore and express your style.

For example, you can go conservative and get clips that are dark-colored and plain. These are great for work situations.

But you can also go loud and crazy. Some hair clips are blinged out with jewels and sparkles, plus the clips themselves are made in neon colors.

If you’re in a casual situation, why not make a gutsy move and put on the wildest hair clips you can find? Now talk about good ideas for truth or dare!

5. Get Bangs (Or Grow Them Out)

Bangs can make a huge difference in how you look. If you don’t currently have them, consider cutting them for either a straight-across look. Or go for a side-swept look by having them cut a bit longer and tucking them behind your ears.

On the other hand, if you’ve always had bangs (whether straight-across or side-swept), consider growing them out and tucking them completely behind your ears. You just may be surprised at how different you look with a simple change in hairstyles!

6. Go Curly (Or Go Straight)

If you have stick-straight hair and have always envied those with wavy and curly hair, then why not join the other side? You can get temporary curls by sleeping with wet braids in and then taking them out in the morning. Or you can opt for a semi-permanent solution by getting a perm.

Have the opposite problem? Then get a hair straightener to temporarily get a shocking new appearance. For a semi-permanent solution, consider getting a Brazilian blowout treatment from a professional.

7. Experiment with Braids

No, we don’t mean just the boring braid down the back or pigtails. There are techniques like the inverted fishtail French braid, or the rope twisted braid.

Once you learn the basics of each one, you can play around with just using the techniques on sections of your hair for a unique layered look.

8. Get Balayage Hair

“Balayage” is a French word that means “sweeping.” This is a hair service where the hairstylist hand-paints dye onto your hair for a more natural look. This allows for a softer look when compared to traditional highlights.

The greatest thing about Balayage is it’s very low maintenance. Plus it’s affordable! So you won’t have to spend a ton to get it done, nor will you have to do much to care for it afterward.

Once the dye grows out, it’ll hardly be noticeable since it’s done in a natural way. This means you don’t have to continually retouch your hair. Learn more about this service from Inscape Beauty Salon.

9. Shave Your Hair

This isn’t technically a hairstyle since you wouldn’t have any hair, but it’d certainly make a splash, wouldn’t it? If you’re tired of dealing with your hair and it’s really boring you, just get rid of it!

Without any hair to worry about, you won’t have to style it. Plus, your showers will be a lot easier and quicker!

A bonus is it’ll be a lot easier to wear wigs. If you’ve always wanted to try a hairstyle or color, but don’t want to commit to it, you can just purchase a wig in the style you want, then cut it accordingly to test it out.

Say Goodbye to Boring Hair

With these 9 style ideas, you’ll get to say goodbye to your boring hair and hello to fun and fashionable! While we don’t recommend trying all 9 at once, you can go through the list slowly and figure out what works best on you.

Should you find more than one style that you like, just keep this list handy. Once you tire of your new hairstyle, you can always switch to something else!

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