How to Choose the Right Bikini

Summer means getting ready to hit the pool or beach. For that, you have to have the right swimsuit. If you really want to make a statement, you have to go all out with a bikini. However, finding the right bikini is not always easy. It isn’t a whole lot of fabric so you have to make sure it fits perfectly. In addition, you have to make sure you can move in it and that it will work for your intended pool or beach activities. Here are some tips you can follow when choosing your new suit.

Consider Your Figure

Before you start shopping, it helps to get an idea of what style may look best on your figure. You don’t have to follow the basic swimwear rules if you don’t want, but in general, they do work. There are just certain cuts that look better on certain figures. For example, if you have a large bust, you really should choose a suit with a top that offers good support and coverage. This will just help to keep you secure while swimming or doing other activities. Another example is that if you have a larger bottom half, draw attention away by wearing a pattern or bold color on top.

Remember They Get Bigger When Wet

Keep in mind when you are considering the size to get that when a bikini gets wet, it gets bigger. The fabric stretches so the fit gets looser. It is always a good rule of thumb to go with a smaller size than you think you need. While you don’t want to have to squeeze yourself into a suit, it should fit tightly. If a suit droops or is loose anywhere, try a different size. Sometimes, though, fit issues are mainly due to the style and not the size, so keep that in mind as you start choosing suits to try on.

Try on Different Styles and Colors

Each person has a personal preference when it comes to the style of clothes they wear. It’s no different with swimsuits. However, you need to open your mind a little when trying on bikinis. Be willing to go outside your comfort zone and try on styles that don’t immediately seem like they would work. You can discover some of the most amazing looks just by trying suits that you might not have otherwise chosen.

Take your time when choosing what to try on. Grab a few different sizes so you can get the sizing right. You should try on all the suits you pick up, even if you decide you don’t like them once you get in the dressing room, and then narrow it down. If you get the wrong size, try another size in the same style. Sometimes all you need is a good fit to make a suit jump out as “the one.”

Move Around When Trying On

When you are trying on suits and have gotten down to the final picks, take some time to move around in them. Sit down and stand up. If you’ll be playing volleyball, for example, try a few moves. This can help you to ensure the suit really does fit good and will work for your needs. It can also point out issues that you may have with the style.

Making the Final Choice

In the end, you should be choosing a suit that you feel comfortable in. It should fit you nicely, more snug than loose. In addition, it should allow you to move without bunching or creeping up or sagging. You want to be sure that when you are in the water or on the sand, you can focus on the fun you’re having and not on the suit you are wearing. In the end, the biggest thing to keep in mind is to choose a bikini that you truly love and that makes you look stunning.

Choosing a bikini for summer is a tough task. There is no shortage of options out there. It may seem like a huge undertaking. However, if you go into it with some good style ideas based on your body type and approach the process of trying on suits with a critical eye, you can end up with an amazing suit that you will love to show off under the bright, hot sun.