The Future Trends Look Bright: Colorful Socks for Men

The Future Trends Look Bright: Colorful Socks for Men

Socks…Are they an accessory, a necessity or just a novelty? 

The global sock market (not stock market 😉 is expected to grow by leaps and bounds, reaching a value of $11.6 billion by the year 2023. 

Who is buying all of these socks? As it turns out, men are pairing colorful socks with suit jackets and jeans, suits and with casual wear as well. 

It’s a trend that the forecasters say is here to stay. What are some of the trendy socks men are sporting these days? How fashion forward are you? Let’s take a look at some styles that might have you rocking socks on The Gram.

How to Wear Colorful Socks

You may be wondering, “Do men’s colorful socks really have a place in society?” The answer is, “Of course they do!” Colorful socks + men’s fashion is a winning combination that adds some spice to your wardrobe. 

  1. Forget the Rules

Remember the rule of matching your socks to your pants?

…black pants, black socks, gray pants, gray socks, you get the picture. 

That rule no longer applies. You can still match your socks’ base color to your pants, but choose a pair that has other colors or prints to brighten things up a bit. 

  1. Pair with a Simple Outfit

You’re rocking a pair of khaki pants and a navy blue sweater. It’s kind of standard, kind of subdued, kind of boring. Add a pair of unique, trendy socks to show that you really tried and kicked the outfit up a notch. 

  1. Don’t Show Too Much

Have your pants hemmed to the proper length and show just a small portion of your fun socks. Showing too much might make it look like your pants are too short. Not a good look!

  1. Avoid Clashing

If you are wearing green pants, avoid red socks for example. You do not want to look like a Christmas tree. Choose to compliment your outfit with a coordinating color or print.  

Also, be aware of clashing prints. If your button-down designer shirts have a pattern or print, be careful to choose a pair of men’s colorful socks that will not clash. Take a step back and look at the outfit as a whole. 

You don’t want to look ridiculous and silly while trying to make a fashion statement. 

  1. Remember…There are Times Not to Wear Them

If you are in a serious business setting, at a formal event or funeral, bright, colorful socks are not the right choice. 

On occasions such as these, you need to show some respect. You are not there to stand out and make a fashion statement. 

How Trendy Are You?

Now that you know how to rock colorful socks, you can put some pizzazz and personality in your wardrobe. Check us out for all of the fashion advice you need on anything from casual styles to the best gym wear.