The Girl From The Blog Atlantic-Pacific

Hey my beautiful ladies!

I want to introduce you the girl from the blog Atlantic-Pacific, which is a real example of how to dress a young, modern girl.

Just as you might expect from a world-renowned blogger, Blair’s wardrobe is full of fashion pieces of clothes that every every woman and girl would have wished. She has all of that thanks to her blog, saying that her blog has opened the doors to the world of fashion.

Free clothes, meeting inspirational people from the fashion industry, drinking coffees with designers and visiting fashion shows. This is what this attractive blond is doing almost every day.

Blair loves the classic and timeless style that is not boring. She loves to look feminine, just like her fashion icon, Audrey Hepburn.

Below you can see some of her latest fashion combinations posted on her blog.

Enjoy and stay up for more next time!