Top 5 Hats to Add to Your Wardrobe ASAP

An outfit without accessories is incomplete.

Wearing clothing alone will not do much for putting together a complete look or ensemble. You need to invest in accessories and plan on how best to incorporate them into your daily wardrobe.

One of the most popular accessories of all time is the humble hat. Hats originated for practical purposes such as staying warm, dry, and clean, but over the years have evolved into a must-have fashion accessory.

Since the 1920s, hats have been worn by men and women alike to convey a particular look or style – and there is no stopping them from continuing to do so in 2024.

Hats are a symbol of unmistakable style and wearing them is not as tricky as you may think.

 Below are the top five hats that everyone should have in their closet to enhance their outfit and convey a fashion-forward sense when exiting the house:

  1. Bucket Hat

The bucket hat was introduced in the early 1900s and was predominantly made from wool felt or tweed material. These hats were traditionally worn by Irish fishermen or farmers, largely for protection from the rain.

The raw wool contained lanolin, which helped to make these hats naturally waterproof.

The modern-day bucket hats gained popularity (and a cult following) in the 1960s and 70s. The bucket hat became a popular accessory among hippies, and it became a symbol of rebellion among the youth.

These hats are available in various designs, materials, and styles to suit most occasions.

  1. Beanie

Beanies used to be worn out of necessity in the 1900s for men to keep their ears and heads warm when working outside. These hats were mainly worn by factory workers for their temperature-regulating abilities, and to keep their hair clean while on duty.

The beanie hat has taken the world by storm and is known by many names: toque, skullcap, dink, and bobble hat are just a few of them.

During the colonization of the Americas, the beanie found its way into the USA and Canada and although they were worn predominantly by men at the time, these hats have since been embraced by women as well.

Beanies are a must-have hat for the winter months to keep your head warm and look ultra-stylish at the same time!

  1. Trucker Hat

The trucker hat came into its own in the early 1970s as promotional giveaway swag from American feed or farming supply companies. These hats were given to farmers, rural workers, and, as their name suggests – truck drivers.

Trucker hats gained a cult following among workers in large industries and have since been adopted by musicians, rappers, celebrities, and athletes alike.

In the early 2000s, trucker hats became a mainstream fashion trend among American youth, particularly those associated with punk and skater subcultures.

These hats are still all the rage this year, and they provide some sun protection while keeping you looking stylish and cool.

  1. Fedora

If you are looking for a way to dress up a casual outfit, look no further than a fedora.

A fedora is a hat with a soft brim and an indented crown.

The fedora was first invented in the early 1890s by French hat maker Victorien Sardou. They got their name from the title character in one of his plays – “Fedora,” which premiered in the United States in 1889.

The play was an absolute sensation, with a noted cross-dresser wearing a center-creased, soft-brimmed hat. 

This hat is not just for men. Women can wear lady fedoras to look great and protect their skin from harmful UV rays.

  1. Wide Brim Hat

Just in time for summer!

This hat is one of the most popular variants worn all year round by men and women.

These hats provide much-needed protection from the summer sun during the hot season and double as a super-chic accessory to make anyone look stylish. If you do not already have at least one of these hats in your closet, it is time you change your wardrobe for the better!

You can find an even more impressive range of wide-brim hats online, so finding a stylish and versatile one will not be difficult. These hats are no longer just for outdoor enthusiasts.

To End

When choosing the perfect hat to suit your style and personality, be sure to get one that fits your head well – as much as you want to look cool, you need to be comfortable at the same time.

In 2024, hats are going through an exciting style revolution, and you do not want to miss out on witnessing them getting infused with fresh energy and playful designs. Hats are a style statement of note!