The Ultimate Guide For Using A Beauty Blender

The beauty blender is very useful makeup tool.  It can help you apply your foundation. It can blend your concealer perfectly, so it remains unnoticeable. Many women don’t know how to use them properly. Some even make the crucial mistake: they use it dry. I will share some helpful tips on how to get the most of them. After reading them, you will stop making the most common mistakes. So, let’s get started ladies!


Use it wet

The beauty blender should be used wet. The instructions on the package say this too. The reason behind this is so simple. The damp sponge won’t absorb any of your foundation, which means that you won’t waste any of it. Run the sponge under water for a short, and squeeze the excess off. You don’t want the water dripping. Slightly damped will work fine. It will give dewy glow finish to your skin.

Use it properly

Do you wonder why the beauty blender has that specific egg  shape? It is because you should use the bottom part for the large areas of your face. Ise it to blend foundation on your cheeks and forehead. The pointed part of the sponge is meant to get to every corner. Use it to blend the concealer under your eyes or the foundation on the edges of the nose.

Don’t wipe

When you use the makeup sponge, don’t wipe the foundation. This is not the proper way to use it. Use light stippling motions to set the makeup into the skin. This will help you build up the coverage and make your foundation more efficient.

Use it for cream blush too

Ladies that love to wear cream blush will love the fact that they can use their favourite beauty blender to apply cream blush or cheek stain. Blend the product with light stippling motions.

Clean it regularly

When you use your beauty blender, you know that you will end up with a dirty tool. You will rinse it after each use, but the oil from the foundation will build up. Make sure that you clean it with a mixture of olive oil and a gentle shampoo when it gets too dirty.

Also, make sure that you store your sponge in a well-ventilated area. Don’t close it inside a box. The wet sponge together with the foundation is a perfect spot for developing mold and bacteria. And you certainly don’t want to apply bacteria straight to your skin. This can be a common reason for acne, so make sure that you clean your beauty blender.

Some like to clean their beauty blender in the microwave. This is an excellent way to disinfect and remove any bacteria. You can read more about the method here: The Most Efficient Way To Clean Beauty Blender