These Essentials Will Help You Pull Off the Boho-Bride Look

These Essentials Will Help You Pull Off the Boho Bride Look

Boho-chic is one of the all-time most popular wedding themes, and there’s a good reason for that. The laid-back vibe it gives off makes the day feel more intimate for both the couple and the guests. However, planning the perfect boho wedding is not as easy and as effortless as it looks in the pictures.

Fortunately, anything can be done perfectly through careful planning. Since this special day can only happen once in a lifetime, it’s essential to lay things down to the very last detail. To help with the wedding-planning woes, here are some boho wedding essentials to put on your checklist.


One thing that should never be absent from a boho wedding is the flowers. Choose from a wide selection of flowers aligned with the color motif, and don’t forget to add foliage that ties the look together. Lay them on the floor to line the aisle, or create beautiful arrangements as table centerpieces

Complete the look by picking the bridal bouquet that goes with the theme. Nosegay, cascade, hand tied, and crescent are the most commonly used types of wedding bouquet arrangements for the perfect boho-chic look. 

Finger Accessories

Boho accessories are anything but simple. This statement also applies to your finger accessories.

Whatever the style of your engagement ring is, you can always complement it by taking your adornment game up a notch. Add a little sparkle like a diamond ring or one that features your birthstone. As this is an add-on accessory, you can choose to buy diamond rings online that is uniquely shaped to fit your look. When it comes to boho, nothing is too much. 


Nothing completes a boho wedding look than a gorgeous bridal headpiece. Use ornate silver pieces with leaf designs to accentuate the hair. Add more elegance to the look by opting for a rose gold headpiece. Crystals and pearls also go well with the overall mood. 

The flower crown is the most popular headpiece that just screams boho-chic. Not only that, it helps brighten up the bridal look by adding a splash of color and nature element. Use it to hold your veil in place or to simply highlight the hair. Daisies, roses, and baby’s breaths are popular choices to play around with. 

Flowy Gown

Boho brides typically stay away from huge ball gowns and fit flares. Instead, they opt for flowy sheath dresses that go all the way down to the floor. While the silhouette is the most noticeable, the type of material is just as important.

Laces are boho wedding dress staples that add intricacy to the simple flowy gown. Halter necks and loose lace sleeves are also popular choices that fit well with the wedding theme. 

These Essentials Will Help You Pull Off the Boho Bride Look


Sandals and wedges are some of the most popular options for a boho-themed bridal look. Strappy shoes go well for shorter dresses, while wedges add an element of comfort.

Boots can also be a great choice, especially if the venue is set in a garden or the middle of the field. Going barefoot is perfect for beach weddings. Don’t forget to accentuate the feet with a playful anklet in place of shoes.

Naked Cake

Naked cakes are in, and they go perfectly with boho-chic. Decorate the cake with flowers or leaves to make it look more stunning and timeless. Berries are also excellent cake toppers that will fit well with the theme.

Then, add hints of greenery to tie the cake design altogether. Of course, don’t forget to choose your favorite cake flavor, but don’t be afraid to stray from the classic. 


The one element that gets the most attention in a wedding—apart from the bride, of course—is the decor. This sets the tone of the occasion and ushers the guests to the right mood.

Add fairy lights all over the place to add spark to the venue in the late afternoon and at night. Don’t forget to add elements of nature to the table setting through floral arrangements or wooden centerpieces. Brighten up the place with greenery, or choose table runners made of natural fabric like canvas or burlap to add a rustic feel for the guests to enjoy. 

In the end, no matter how the venue or the bride looks like, a wedding should be a celebration of love. While it’s important to make things look perfect, don’t forget to enjoy the day and make memories you can treasure for a lifetime.