The Three Most Important Rules for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses that Complement the Bride

The time and emotion you invest in finding the perfect wedding gown is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you figure out what flatters you most and what will turn all eyes on you, it’s time to set off on a new, and occasionally unenviable adventure – selecting bridesmaid dresses for your lovely attendants.

Not only do you need to take into account how the dresses will look on your closest friends and loved ones, but, you need to choose a style or styles that will complement your choice of gowns. Just knowing that you want everyone to wear pink bridesmaid dresses isn’t enough. You likely need to dictate the fabric, style and especially the level of formality.

How do you even begin the search? Start by committing to follow these three most important rules for ensuring your bridesmaid dresses complement your bridal gown.

1. Make sure the fabrics flatter each other.

Note that we said, “flatter”, not “be identical”. The fabric of all of the gowns should have a quality in common that pulls them together and makes them look intentional. The Knot suggests pairing, for instance, airy chiffon with an equally ethereal and light material. A lace-covered wedding gown look is best complemented by bridesmaid dresses that include small accents of similar lace or embroidery. A beautiful gown of satin will shine next to bridesmaid dresses with a little sheen.

2. Choose one important aspect of your gown to reflect in the bridesmaid dresses.

Take a serious look at your gown. Which characteristics make it most special to you? What translates well from the bridal gown to the wedding party attire? The cut or style of the dresses could be similar, for example. Maybe everyone could wear an A-line gown, or share a distinctive element like a dramatic plunging back or a sweetheart neckline. Choose just one of these and look for bridesmaid dresses that share that quality.

This unifying element is open to interpretation. If your gown has a pretty blush sash, for instance, the common thread could be the hue. Have your attendants choose pale pink bridesmaid dresses of an appropriate length and a style that best flatters their figure.

Heed this critical warning, however. Don’t choose the one thing that makes your dress most special. Reserve that for your own gown, as you should stand out. Common design features are unifying, but you don’t want to fade into the background of your own special day.

3. Match the formality of the bridal gown to the bridesmaid dresses.

By far the most important rule for choosing bridesmaid dresses that complement the bride is that their formalities should match. Often dictated by length, a super formal bridal gown calls for equally formal, full-length bridesmaid dresses. Jaunty, fun and flirty tea-length bridal gowns are far more casual by nature and allow for similarly informal dresses for your attendants.

Ultimately, you have to trust your eye and listen to the feedback of your bridesmaids. If you all absolutely love the combination of styles, colors and feel that have been chosen, then the dresses are perfect for you!

The Three Most Important Rules for Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses that Complement the Bride
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