Are Glasses With Nose Pads Better?

Eyewear is one of those things that could transform how you look. And, depending on your face shape or preferences, there are many kinds of designs you could choose from.  

But, such designs aren’t just for looks; they could also be for practical purposes. So, it’s easy to see why people consider glasses as functional accessories. For instance, there’s a debate on whether getting glasses with nose pads is better. To find out, take a look below at some of the benefits and disadvantages of nose pads. 

Are Glasses With Nose Pads Better?

Benefits Of Nose Pads 

Each part of your glasses probably has its own functions, so do the nose pads. Before coming to a conclusion, take a look at their benefits below. 

  • Nose Pads Help Glasses Stay In Place 

One annoying thing about glasses is that they could slip off your nose. Asians typically have smaller nose bridges, so eyewear might not stay in place. Nose pads help support and secure your spectacles on your nose bridge. So, even if you move your head around, they’re less likely to slip down. 

If you’re Asian or have a smaller nose bridge, nose pads might be the solution. You could also look into Asian glasses online or some customized ones to fit your face perfectly.  

  • Nose Pads Help Glasses Stay Balanced 

Sometimes, your glasses could be crooked, especially if you wear them while exercising or doing other physical activities. When this happens, you may feel uncomfortable, and you’ll have to readjust your glasses.  

However, this might get annoying if it tends to end up crooked again and again. To keep this from happening, nose pads might be a helpful solution. If adjusted correctly, nose pads should be secure enough to keep them slipping or becoming lopsided.  

  • Nose Pads Provide Comfort 

Some pairs of glasses could be heavier than others, and this could be due to their size or materials. Stylish oversized glasses are fashionable, but they might also become uncomfortable to wear. Aside from this, the weight could also cause the glasses to slip off all the time.  

Nose pads will help carry the weight of the glasses, making them easier to wear. If you enjoy larger spectacles, but can’t stand the heaviness, try out ones with nose pads and see how you like them.  

  • Nose Pads Are Adjustable 

Another benefit is that nose pads are adjustable in comparison to glasses that are padless. You could move around the mounts according to your nose bridge. This will help the eyeglasses to fit better and get rid of any pinching feeling.  

  • Nose Pads Can Be Replaced 

Because nose pads are replaceable, you can change them out if they get worn out. But, you don’t have to wait for it to get damaged to replace them. If you think that it feels uncomfortable or ill-fitting, you could pick out more suitable ones. 

Different nose pads could also have various features. For instance, some are anti-slip, which are helpful for heavy spectacles or for anyone who might have oily skin.  

  • Nose Pads Come In Different Materials 

The materials used for the nose pads have different benefits. Having different materials to choose from allows users to customize their glasses to their needs. Silicone nose pads are softer and more comfortable, but they’ll probably be more slippery, so it’d be better to pair them with lighter spectacles.  

Polycarbonate is also used for nose pads as they’re lighter and thinner. A great plus is that it’s resistant to facial chemicals, which means that it will last longer.  

  • Nose Pads Could Be Paired With Different Mounts 

Finally, different mounts could be chosen to make the glasses more personalized to the user. So, no matter what your nose shape is, you might be able to mismatch and tweak your glasses to fit perfectly.  

Here are the different types of nose pad mounts: 

  • Screw-in 
  • Push-in 
  • Slide-in 
  • Specialty mounts 
  • Stick on nose pads

Disadvantages Of Nose Pads 

Like most styles of eyewear, nose pads also have their own disadvantages. 

  • Nose Pads Could Leave Marks Or Pinch 

Some wearers have reported that the nose pads leave indentations or red marks on their noses. While this is a common experience, it’s not exactly due to the nose pads. Instead, the marks could be caused by glasses that aren’t suited for your face shape. If the bridge of the spectacles is too thin, it’ll exert more pressure around your nose. It could also be due to how bulky the glasses are. And, the last reason for this is that the eyeglasses are too small for your face, making them pinch harder on your nose bridge.  

The solution for this is to adjust the nose pads so that they’re wider. If it’s too tight, it might help to get eyewear that has a wider nose bridge, too.

  • Nose Pad Quality Might Vary 

Brands have different qualities in their eyewear and nose pads. That’s not inherently a disadvantage that you could adhere to nose pads per se, but it might be irritating when you try out a new brand you’re not used to.  

You could try out different brands and styles of nose pads when you’re starting. This way, you may decide on which ones are best for you so you could stick to them in the future. 


If your eyewear is ill-fitting, slips off, or feels uncomfortable, then you might conclude that nose pads are, indeed, a must. They could be a staple for your future choices when it comes to spectacles.