Types of epilators that allow you to remove hair from the entire body

Many people are worried about the unwanted hair growing on their bodies and are worried that they can’t wear clothes that expose their skin.
Some people may want to go to a hair removal salon but don’t have the money or time to go, or may feel embarrassed to see naked by others.

In that case, you can also remove the hair yourself.

It is good to use a razor or a hair removal cream, but recently, household epilators are often used, and it is possible to perform effective hair removal according to your own schedule.

Since there are various types, we will explain the differences and advantages / disadvantages of each method.

Types of epilators that allow you to remove hair from the entire body

Flash type

It uses the same mechanism as photo-epilation, which is used in hair removal salons and beauty salons.

There are two types of methods, SSC, which reacts and permeates the ingredients by shining light on the hair-suppressing gel applied before hair removal, and IPL, which irradiates light absorbed by the melanin pigment in the hair root.

Since the area exposed to light is as wide as 2 x 3 c m, it takes less time and has a high hair removal effect.

The disadvantage is that it requires a dedicated cartridge to use and must be replaced after several uses.

Conversely, it may be cheaper than a razor or cream because it can be used for a long time by replacing the cartridge.

However, it can damage the skin, albeit less, and should be avoided on sunburned or thin skin areas.

It is recommended to pre-cool the area to be depilated to reduce the effect.

Laser type

This is the same type used in medical institutions, and it destroys hair roots by irradiating a black object with a laser with a wavelength that is well absorbed.
Similar to the photo epilator, the irradiation level is lower than that used in medical institutions, but the principle is the same.

The advantage is that it has a strong hair removal effect because it directly damages the hair roots, and it is also highly effective for thick hair.

Compared to photo-epilation, which diffuses light, laser hair removal has less effect attenuation and reaches deeper.

However, due to the nature of laser hair removal, there is some pain, so it may be better not to choose one who is vulnerable to damage.

Thermicon type (heat ray hair removal type)

This is a relatively recent method that uses heat to burn hair and weaken the roots.

It is less irritating to the skin than photo-epilation or laser hair removal, and can be used by people with razor-prone skin.

Due to its heat-using nature, it cannot be used on thin skin areas such as around the eyes.
Also, unlike flashes and lasers that destroy hair roots, it is basically similar to razor hair removal.

Therefore, the effect of preventing hair from growing may not be good enough.
Even so, it is cheaper than the flash type and laser type, and it takes less time to be effective.

It is gentler on the skin than a razor and has the advantage of being able to be removed deeply.

The epilator you use is inferior in finish and effect to professional salons and clinics, but the biggest merit is that you can easily do it at your own convenience.

The price per unit is 20,000 to 30,000 yen , which is cheaper than taking a full-body hair removal course, including the cartridge fee.

If you are conscious of hair loss on a regular basis, it is a good idea to have one of your own favorites.

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