Ultimate Guide in Choosing The Best Wedding Clothes

When it comes to the most special day of your life you want to make sure you are wearing something extra special. While the brides tend to get a lot of the attention for their dresses, grooms are becoming more and more interested in what they wear for their special occasion. Finding good-fitting and on-trend wedding garment for men has been a challenge – until now. In this article, I will be telling you all about where to find the best in mens wedding suits and how to choose your perfect look.

Let’s dive in.

The Jacket 

Forget the boring ill-fitting rental tuxedos men used to get for their wedding today clothing experts like Sebastian Cruz Couture, are offering the latest and best-fitted garment for a true wow when you stand at the alter. 

They offer an incredible range to suit your taste as well as the ambience of the wedding and after-party. Here are a few of my favourite picks:

Porcellana & Black Honeycomb Jacket 

This mens wedding suits jacket is so much more than a black and white ensemble. The gorgeous texture and hexagonal shape on the entire jacket look so modern and chic while the black satin lapel creates a traditional touch. 

Tormalina Tweed Jacket 

Perfect for a romantic winter wedding your bride will be stunned when she sees you dressed to kill in this beautifully tailored dinner jacket. This jacket when paired with a dress shirt and slacks are great for your wedding and can also be paired down for a night out on your honeymoon. 

Burgundy Paisley Dinner Jacket 

Holiday-themed weddings are very popular as are pops of bold colour. Made for any body type this rich brocade comes in a romantic burgundy and paisley. 

The Shirt 

With so many different themes for weddings the shirt has gone way beyond a simple starched white. Consider a black signature against a white mens wedding suits jacket. The charcoal dress shirt can be matched with a burgundy, black, or white ivory paisley dinner jacket. 

Choosing a shirt doesn’t have to be hard when you know your measurements and buy from an experienced fashion designer who understands various body types. 

Choose from:

  1. Short or long sleeve 
  2. Gingham 
  3. Houndstooth 
  4. Poplin 
  5. Tuxedo 
  6. Plaid 
  7. White Evento 

With these exceptional prices, you can pick from a few different styles for various occasions from your own wedding to any other special occasion. 

Shoes Make the Man 

Last but not least, is perhaps the most important part of any outfit – the shoes! Finding comfortable shoes that look great can be very hard. Luckily you can have it all when you choose Sebastian Cruz Couture. For a real statement choose a pair of Damascus series crimson lace-ups. 

These showstoppers can be paid for in payments as well as all of the other beautiful designs. 

Wrap Up 

Don’t miss out on making a real statement on your special day by renting a boring suit. Instead, create a lasting memory and wonderful surprise for your special someone by wearing a knock out couture wedding suit!