The Quick-Fix Queen – 6 Tips For Overhauling Your Style With Simple Changes

Imagine that you were cursed and had to wear the same outfit every day for the rest of your life.

How would you keep things fresh and different? How would you make sure that you didn’t fade into the background? With creative makeup choices, of course! The possibilities are endless when it comes to makeup; you can easily turn a boring and bland ensemble into a catwalk worthy look.

Below, we have some amazing tips and looks for you to enjoy, from finding the best liquid matte lipstick to different looks you can create with your eyes and accessorising the lot to make a HUGE difference to your outfit.

Matte lips

There is only one place to begin, and this is with liquid matte lipstick, which is the hottest makeup trend at the moment. This product applies as liquid and dries to form a stunning matte texture. This creates a gorgeous, bold look, and so it works especially well with vibrant and deep shades, including letterbox red, plum, coral, orange, vampy purple, and burgundy. When wearing this type of product, your lips need to be the star of the show, so keep the rest of the look simple. Minimal eyeliner is needed, and you can keep your eyeshadow palette in your makeup bag.

It’s all in the eyes

For those days when you prefer to accentuate your eyes as opposed to your lips, we have some great suggestions. Smoky eyes have long been the most popular choice amongst women of all ages. Smokey eyes add instant sex appeal to any outfit. It is best to start by applying white eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes, after which you can build upon this with a medium grey, finally, as you work towards the end of the eye, you add jet black eyeshadow. This look can be as dramatic or as subtle as you like – change it up depending on your mood. Team with a nude or light pink lipstick to finish off the look.


Next up, switch up your jewellery.

A smart white T shirt can be given a rock chick look with a choker, or a bohemian vibe with chains and bracelets in all different colours. Hooped gold earrings give a gypsy effect, whilst chic pearl studs scream understated chic – the options are endless!

Style it up with scarves

Still on accessories, why not look at scarves as an option?

With a number of different ways to wear them, along with a ton of different colours and patterns available, you’re sure to rock the same look differently every day of the week, whether you change the way you wear a scarf, or alternate between different colours and patterns.

Put your best foot forward

Whether you’re a flats or heels girl, changing your footwear can have a real impact on your look.

Espadrilles with jeans gives off a bo-ho summer vibe, or you can choose cute jewelled sandals to draw the eye down to your fashionable feet – just don’t forget to take care of your toenails first! Alternatively, going from knee high to ankle boots will make for a great change, allowing the same outfit to make a very different impression, depending on which you wear.

Hair today, gone tomorrow

Finally, your hairstyle makes a HUGE difference to your look. Whether you use hairpieces to add layers, style it up in a chic chignon, or make a bow ponytail, accessorise it with clips, flowers and bows for a truly unique style that’s so unique people won’t notice what you’re wearing!

With all these options, wearing the same outfit every day isn’t so bad. Why not save some money on a new wardrobe and use out styling tricks above with your capsule wardrobe this season?