What bridal collection by Sleeper did we get in 2022?

Have you ever heard of a brand with the interesting name Sleeper? If not, then it’s rather unusual. After all, this name is often heard in the fashion world. At the beginning of their path known for its pajamas for parties and corporate events, and now for many other types of clothing, the brand has created a new stunning Sleeper bridal collection with the most beautiful white wedding cape in the world.

Sleeper became known for being an innovative brand that blew up the fashion world with its ideas. In the past, the use of domestic clothes somewhere outdoors was criticized, but times have changed and Sleeper has proved that homewear can be a universal option. That a woman can come to work in pajamas and at the same time look a hundred times more amazing than wearing a traditional formal dress. The office is certainly not the only location to show your Sleeper clothes and women often wear them at various parties, holidays and festivals.

If you decide to order this set from the official site, then you will surely look better than ever and you will remember every smallest detail of your wedding. And your friends will be happy for you like never before because you will look like a real princess.

What items does the collection consist of?

There are two separate dresses called Paloma and Opera. Both of them are incredibly beautiful and can enhance any bride’s beauty. Both dresses are available in silk or linen.

The Bridal collection by Sleeper was a real highlight and quickly became popular in the United States. Many women began to post their photos on Instagram with the stories about how they got married in these dresses and the reviews were happy and positive. Also, if you are interested, you can find these photos and see how the Sleeper wedding dresses enhance the beauty of the brides.

Undoubtedly, there are also shoes in the collection, so that a bride who chooses a Sleeper dress can create a complete look. Satin ballet flats for wedding are made to be so soft and fit that you will wear them after your wedding as well, purely because of the comfort they provide.

What bridal collection by Sleeper did we get in 2022?

How Sleeper appeared in the fashion world

The global fashion industry is developing very quickly and often the most diverse collections and styles replace each other in a quite short period. Sometimes no one imagines that certain clothes can get so much popularity, but the fashion world proves quite the opposite. It also happened when Sleeper first entered the fashion world stage. But Sleeper quickly gained notable momentum.

Sleeper’s first steps

Exactly 8 years ago, two close acquaintances, Ukrainian Kate Zubarieva and Russian Asya Varetsa began to think and realize the dream of their own company, which would provide women around the world with the best and universal clothing.

In fact, the idea first came to Kate on Christmas night, when she had a dream-omen. After a couple of weeks of discussions with Asya, she also joined the projects and together they founded a truly chic project, which is now known all over the world. Women are very proud of themselves and the success of their fashion creations.

Both girls have worked in fashion magazines, and their experience gave them some grounds during the founding of such a brand.

By the way, the start-up capital of the project was only 2000 USD. This is so little that it would seem impossible to establish not just a new brand but a new entire subculture of comfort for such an amount of money, but the girls proved that nothing is impossible.

Thus, in the end, Sleeper appeared.

And today fashion media from all over the world wait eagerly for every Sleeper collection, and such famous people as Rita Ora, Emily Ratajkowski, Busy Phillips, Dakota Fanning are among the Sleeper customers.

The Ukrainian brand Sleeper was not only the first to appear in the London luxury department store Harrods. The label co-founders were included in the Forbes “30 under 30” list. Their staff from the beginning consisted of top-class craftsmen because the founders wanted to build the brand’s reputation for offering quality, unique and multifunctional clothing.

The process of creation

All goods are sewn in the brand’s sewing workshops and are thoroughly inspected by quality controllers. As a result, everything that comes out of the Sleeper workshop is handcrafted, and the quality will please even the strictest critic.

The Sleeper’s goal is to give their customers an opportunity to be at ease in any situation. Why don’t we all dress in clothing that makes us feel great? The Sleeper brand assists us in resolving this issue.


The cost of pajamas begins at a reasonable level, and the majority of consumers reside outside of Ukraine. Kate appreciated the fact that they’ve evolved into a demi-luxury brand for millennials.

Sleeper is known for its comfort, durability, versatility, and seasonal design. You may readily verify this by visiting their website at https://the-sleeper.com/en/.

Zubarieva now manages the firm, and Varetsa negotiates with purchasers, and is in charge of the visual component with the new bridal dress, for example.

Sleeper has lofty goals for the future. The creators of today’s label have a huge dream: to build a vast factory with a training center where they can exchange expertise and educate future generations of seamstresses, embroiderers, engineers, and technicians on how to make high-quality clothing.