What Does It Mean When You Wear a Ring on Your Right Hand?

Men and women love jewelry as it provides them with a way to express themselves. However, countless individuals don’t stop to think about the placement of the jewelry. For example, what does a ring worn on the right hand mean? Actually, it can signify a number of things in today’s culture. The following are a few of the many reasons why a person might choose to place a ring on this hand.


“USA Today” reports wealthy unmarried women often choose to wear a large ring on the right hand to demonstrate wealth and independence. This movement began in the early part of the century when ladies decided they did not need a man to purchase the ring for them. Women have the means to do it themselves. If you like the idea of displaying your independence for all to see, see the whole collection of rings suitable for this purpose and choose the one that best reflects your personality while announcing your status.

However, this isn’t the only reason a person may wish to wear a ring on their right hand. In Ireland, a person might wear a Claddagh ring on the right hand to show their single status or to demonstrate they are ready to enter into a romantic relationship with another person. The way the heart on the ring points provides this information to other people. The meaning changes though when the ring is placed on the left hand. Irish men and women tend to follow the Western world in terms of what it signifies when a person wears a ring on their left hand as opposed to the right.


Individuals in the Western world tend to wear their wedding rings on their left hand. However, this is not the case in all parts of the world. In fact, countless men and women wear their wedding rings on the right-hand ring finger, such as Eastern Orthodox Christians. Romans have long done so and people might wish to continue this tradition regardless of where they live. Indians, when the country was first included in the British Empire, started wearing their wedding rings on the toe of the right foot and today now wear this ring on their right hand.

Renewal of Vows

Men may choose to give their wife a ring to be worn on the right hand after they are married. This is often done to symbolize a renewal of the wedding vows or for an anniversary. However, men may simply choose to give their wife a ring to wear on this hand simply because it represents her personality or she loves the ring and chooses not to wear it on the same hand as the wedding rings. Furthermore, a mother’s ring might be purchased with the birthstone of each child represented in the ring when the mother has finished having children.

Promise Ring

Young couples often choose to invest in a promise ring to show their love for one another and their plan to spend the future together. These rings typically ring with a small diamond that symbolizes their commitment. They don’t have the funds to buy something more extravagant but want others to be aware of their relationship status. This ring is a great way to share that information.

A person can wear a ring on the right hand for a number of reasons. It may simply be a matter of personal preference or this individual might wish to share information with others by placing their jewelry on this hand. If this is any doubt, don’t hesitate to ask. The wearer will likely be more than happy to explain their choice to others.