What is Your Signature Style? How to Find Out?

Whereas some people regard fashion and style to be solely dictated by high-end designers and photoshopped images in glossy magazines, others feel as if personal style should, and indeed, does, come from within. If you are looking to discover how to develop your signature style, then you should most definitely continue reading. 

Embrace Your Uniqueness 

Unless you are a dab hand at haberdashery and making your own clothes, you are obviously confined in terms of what clothing items are available at the time of your shop, but this does not mean you have to dress in the same way as your friends and the people around you.

Everything that makes you an individual, be that your association with different colors with emotions, or your love for the modern gothic aesthetic, can be translated into your signature style, and what is more, this is much simpler than you may think. 

Never be afraid to break any supposed ‘fashion rules’ and always trust your instincts; if you feel comfortable and confident in a new item of clothing, then go for it!

Keep Your Finger on the Fashion Pulse 

Having said that, there is a wealth of inspiration to be drawn from the current fashions of the time, and this is why keeping an eye on the patterns, materials, and overall looks promoted by both high-street and high-end designers of the season can help inform your own style.  

What is more, knowing what is on trend at a certain time will help you to develop your signature look. Over time, your personality grows, and crucially, your interests and preferences may be entirely different from one year to the next, meaning that focusing on trending fashions will help your personal style evolution. 

Start with Your Underwear!

When developing your personal style in clothing and fashion, underwear is often an overlooked element.

Instead of sticking to your trusty boxers and brief sets you have been purchasing from the same shop for many years, treat your body and your wardrobe to several pairs of stylish boxer shorts from leading men’s underwear designer Alphx.com.

Far from only being a necessity, the right underwear can increase your confidence and mean you are comfortable and ready for the day, as well as often impacting how pants and shorts fit and look when fully dressed.

Never Be Afraid to Experiment 

Breaking out of your comfort zone is, in any area of life, sometimes daunting, but the great thing with fashion is that the worst that can happen is that you take a trip to the charity shop with an item you bought.

Never be afraid to experiment with different looks, colors, and overall aesthetics, and when you have the time, take yourself shopping and go into clothing stores to try on outfits you would never normally choose.

Take photographs of yourself modeling the clothes in the changing rooms and build your own style profile on your phone, without having to spend your money!