What You Need to Know About Lash Extensions

A lash extension is a synthetic fiber attached to the natural lashes achieved through using medical grade adhesive. You can get lash extensions in a wide variety of designs and sizes from 6mm-18mm with some curl width options. If the placement of lash is appropriately carried out, then your lash extensions will make your eyes look, and a bit lifted. When you properly care for the lash extensions, they should last up to six weeks before they shed out from the lash line.

Eyelash extensions will make you have the appearance of mascara without any messy clumps or makeup smudging. Most of the time, every natural lash is applied to a single lash. Proper application should not interfere with an eyelash extension, and the glue should neither touch the eyelid to prevent irritation. Let’s check out some of the facts about eyelash extensions.

Reasons for Natural Lash Damage

Visiting a licensed and certified professional will ensure your natural lashes remain intact. Besides, lash extensions alone cannot ruin your lashes unless there is damage to the natural lashes as a result of improper application, or your stylist failure to select the exact lash for an existing natural lash. Lash loss comes from applying heavy extensions for the natural lash resulting in premature shedding or rubbing of eyes.

How to get your Lash Extensions Redone

You don’t have to redo or remove your lashes since normal lashes mature and shed according to your natural cycle of hair. Whenever you go in for a fill, your lashes might differ according to their sizes. Refills require skill and expertise as elaborated in www.xtremelashes.com.hk to come out well due to the grown lashes which shed from different areas of the lid. It may be challenging if you don’t seek an eye expert to create symmetry which creates the appearance of the first set.  Also, you should remove and replace overgrown lashes to create a balance.

How to Clean Lash Extensions

If well-maintained, fake lashes can be used more than once to avoid the costs. Reusing your lashes means you have to use a q-tip, cotton swab, tweezers and a plastic container filled with makeup remover to slowly clean the lashes. After cleaning ensure you store the lashes securely in a cool, dry place. You can do a refill every two or three weeks for your lashes to look lush and full.

Parting Shot

If you want to feel and look gorgeous with eye extensions, seek expert advice from sites such as xtremelashes.com.hk/. After noting all the basics down, you should understand that lash extensions do not require high maintenance as many people perceive.

If it’s your first time to wear wearer extension lashes, it may feel overwhelming but after one or two weeks, you will be comfortable. The lash extensions will enhance your eyes and overall facial beauty. However, Conditional serums are advisable between appointments if you are a lash wearer with a very tiny droplet of lash adhesive.