Which Is the Best Type of Eyelash Extensions for Your Eye Shape?

It is believed eyes speak better than the mouth, and perfectly expressive eyes can talk directly to a person’s heart. Eyelash extensions will hide the tired, dull-looking eyes and a disinterested look during crucial conversations and meetings. Natural, thicker, and fuller eyelashes make the eyes look wide awake and highly pleasing, making the opposite person look at it involuntarily.

Eyelash extensions are available in different types and styles, and creating the perfect style suitable for the occasion takes some experimenting. Nobody wants to look dramatic with colored, highlighted lashes in an official meeting and have a classic, mild look during a date. Choose the eyelash extensions based on the shape of the eye, the thickness necessary, and the style appropriate for the event.

Which Is the Best Type of Eyelash Extensions for Your Eye Shape?

Almond-shaped eyes

A big number of the people in the world have common almond-shaped eyes, and it is very easy to style them. Lash extension experts often recommend classic C curls for this type of eye. Naturally, blond beauties often have light-colored lashes, which don’t make their almond-shaped eyes look attractive.

They should try C curl lashes and layer them to give a hybrid or thick volume look. Lashes with a thickness of 5mm to 7 mm will be perfect for them, and layering around two lash strips for the hybrid look and 3 to 5 for an extra volume look is sufficient. They should try the cat-eye style, which thickens at the end, or the doll’s eye look to get stunning eyes.

They should choose extremely lightweight silk lashes that are comfortable for their eyes and do not weigh down on natural lashes. Lilac St. DIY eyelashes have perfect sets of stranded and full-length lashes for almond eyes. Silk lashes from Lilac St. give the most natural finish, which lasts for around five days and can be slept-in and showered without worry. They are feather light and a breeze to use as they blend seamlessly with the natural lashes in no time.

Hooded eyes

Popularly known as monolids, people with hooded eyes need to take some extra steps to make their eyes look opened up. It is advisable for hooded eye beauties to try L or L+ lashes which provide extra curl from the bottom of the lid lifting the eyes beautifully. They should try the curliest eyelashes available, and it is best to use cat-eye and classic style.

Lilac St. prism lashes are designed especially for them, and they give a stunning look and finish to hooded eyes. They create a perfect Smokey finish, and it is suitable for formal evening dinners and romantic get outs. Hooded eye beauties often make the mistake of selecting lashes that are too heavy on their eyelashes which makes their natural lashes drop off after some time.

Women having hooded eyes should curl their DIY eyelashes to get that perfect lift-up look regularly. It is crucial to select the ideal layering to avoid over-straining the eyes and peeling off during the daytime. Lilac St. creates dark and super light lashes that can layer multiple times to create the perfect density for hooded eyes. Sweed classic lashes and Vavalash lightweight extensions are also great for a mild look. They can also use Eyelure luxe lashes to create a dramatic look for parties.

Rounded eyes 

Women blessed with natural round eyes should try to use minimal eye makeup to prevent the ever-surprising look on their faces. They should try classic and feather lashes with B curls to get the perfect finish. They can choose a natural or classic style based on the lashes’ nature, weight-bearing capacity, and thickness.

Stay away from cats-eye look or doll face looks to avoid the over-dramatic effect. It is wise to tone down on the eye makeup as the eyes are already large and even slight overdo can create a too-much makeup look, sabotaging the realistic, fresh look.

Some women have beautiful round eyes, but their lashes alone look bald, spoiling the entire look of their eyes. Ultralight Lilac St. lashes, Trish McEvoy lashes, and Lankiz lashes work exceptionally well for such eyes as they create non-dramatic yet thicker lashes that look very natural. They should also avoid layering or using lash strips and choose the whole eyelid curved lashes to create an authentic look.