Which Subscription Box Is Right For Me?

We may ask, what is a subscription box?  What is the purpose and why should I get one? Subscription boxes are on the rise globally. There is a subscription box for almost everything these days. From everyday items to things that you may have you thinking, would that come in a subscription box? Yes, there is a possibility that you might even be pleasantly surprised with your purchase.

Subscription boxes are recurring niche items often sent on a monthly basis. They can be mystery boxes that will give you random products to specific ones you’ve selected.  These boxes are all about catering to your needs and keeping you happy. If you are easily bored or just willing to try something new, then you should give subscription boxes a try.

There are many positives with having a subscription box. One major factor is these are customized and specifically chosen for you based on the specific preferences that you provide.  It is extremely convenient as all boxes are automatically delivered to your doorstep, so it adds that ease of use and adds time back into your day that you have saved by simply adding a subscription box.  

It can be difficult at times to know which subscription box is right for you and as such this flowchart was created to make this process easier.  Please note that this flowchart mainly outlines the main subscription boxes based in the United States. These boxes range from a variety of items such as high-end clothes, jewelry, excellent healthy choice menus as well as desserts, fitness gear and much more.

Additionally, this flowchart takes you through 5 different sections based on the type of subscription box. These sections include many of the top categories of subscription boxes such as style, clothes & accessories, food, fitness & health, pets and many more.  It also includes some of the top companies in the subscription box industry such as Rent the Runway, JustFab, Foodstirs to name a few.

Do you still have problems choosing the right subscription box? There are many subscription boxes offered out there. The decision stage can be hard. The flowchart below will help in this process, so check it out.

Which Subscription Box Is Right For Me?

Image via muchneeded.com