Why Pink is the Colour to be in your Home in Autumn 2019

As improbable as it might sound, pink has made a return this summer, with many homeowners choosing to douse their interiors in shades ranging from hot pink to subtle salmon tones. The reason behind this trend is a little difficult to pinpoint, but we’ve got a few theories.

Pink works great as an accent

If you’re faced with a monochrome interior, then you risk making things a little on the drab side – particularly if you’re not going to be wearing many bright colours yourself. When the rest of your décor is mostly shades of grey, you don’t have to go especially loud with your pink for it to stand out. Just a simple rose-tinted carpet will ‘pop’ effectively; alternatively, you might cheer up a drab room with the addition of a salmon set of curtains from Swift Direct Blinds.

Pink works alongside other colours

In the past, homeowners have steered clear of pink. It’s easy to see why; it’s a risky choice, and if used the wrong way, you can easily end up with a living room that looks like the inside of Barbie’s summer house. Key to the successful employment of pink is juxtaposition. If you match your pitch items with heavy slate and charcoal ones, you can easily soften the impact of even the loudest bubble-gum pink.

Pink is soothing

Certain colours have different effects on the human subconscious. In the case of pink, the effect is thought to be overwhelmingly soothing. So much so, in fact, that police in Switzerland famously painted the inside of their prison cells pink, in order that drunks could chill out faster. The experiment was reportedly a success, and has since been replicated elsewhere. The same calming effect can be achieved through the use of pink in home living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces where relaxation is critical.

Pink is varied

Pink comes in a range of different sorts, running all the way from the loud and abrasive to the subtle shades we might describe as flowery or even fleshy. As such, it’s possible to find a pink solution to suit just about every taste.

Pink looks good in photos

One theory concerning the newfound popularity of pink has to do with selfie culture. Since we’re all taking more photos of one another, it follows that we want to have those photos taken in more flattering environments. And we all tend to look that little bit better when we’re backlit with a natural shade of pink. After all, it’s a colour widely found in nature, from the petals of a flower to the glow of a sunrise. If there’s anything behind this theory, it’s fair to say we’ve been slow to react to this trend, as we’ve now been taking selfies for a decade or more.